Lacking Pnash? How to Give Your Outfit the Finishing Touch

Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This is all well and good until you catch a glimpse of your reflection later on and it looks like you’re wearing one of Tesco’s finest bin bags. In many cases less is certainly more (if you disagree, try googling the world’s most tattooed man). However, every outfit still needs a finishing touch. 

The Right Accessories

There are some things that are common knowledge when it comes to accessorising. A plain v-neck needs a necklace, white runners equals white socks and a bin bag ensemble is easily transformed with a belt. What’s more, a finishing touch doesn’t entail drowning yourself in drip, but rather finding ways to accentuate your outfit.

There are many accessories that you can use to upgrade an outfit that would otherwise be, in the words of Gordon Ramsey, “a bit bland.”. For example, a little black dress can do no wrong, but at the same time, the funeral look is catching no eyes and is the result of a lack of pnash. Top an all-black ensemble off with a bright accessory during those spring and summer months. This could be white runners, a colourful bag, or a loud piece of jewelry. 

A High-Quality Lipstick

What if you’re just not an accessory person? After trying Divine House of Makeup’s liquid and regular lipsticks, we can confirm that there is an alternative way to pull an outfit together for those who are against a bit of bling.

The right shade of lipstick can make or break a look, while no lipstick at all is strictly for when you won’t be removing your mask.

We paired the Divine House of Makeup’s ‘Bare’ lipstick with a beige duster coat, a black leotard, black culottes and white runners. The vision was one of those effortlessly chic, business-casual looks which the natural lip shade helped us to accomplish. This lipstick would even work perfectly to tone down a bold, colourful outfit, all while moisturising the lips with its dose of vitamin E.

To top off an outfit that consisted of a black hoodie-dress, tights and runners, we tried ‘A Chanter’. This bright pink liquid lipstick instantly uplifted the look from lounge-wear to out for the night.


Lastly, if neither outrageous hat nor professional make-up seem to be cutting the mustard, it’s time to look at how you’re carrying yourself. Other than giving you back problems in the future, a bad posture will also cancel out all any hard work you’ve put into an outfit. Slouched shoulders, head pointed to the floor and a hunched back screams ‘don’t look at me’. Trust me when I say there is absolutely no pnash in a scurry.

Next time you’re walking down the street, check the angle of your neck- it should be vertical. Your speed of walk should be relaxed but definitely with somewhere to go, even if that is to Tesco to get some more bin bags. Lastly, fix your eyes ahead but without actually focusing on anyone- there’s a fine line between confident and creepy. These three simple steps create an air of confidence and poise, so no designer clothes or dazzling bling are necessary.

Next time you’re heading out the door, rather than taking something off, simply make sure your outfit has that finishing touch. Whether that’s an eye-catching accessory, a high-quality lipstick or a posture-check, if you put your mind to it, you can transform anything into street-style. Don’t believe me? Just look at the new Yeezy 450’s.

Josie Wilkins

Josie is a Journalism graduate from Galway, Ireland. In her free time, she writes for her blog, Naturally Fuelled (@josiewilkins on instagram). When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing the one song she knows on the piano, 'I Giorni', saving the postman from her aggressive Shorkie, and defending brussels sprouts as an all-year-round snack!