Please Allow Long Tall Sally to Update Your Isolation Wardrobe

On day 1 of lockdown, I wanted my wardrobe to nudge right up against that line where maybe it’s real clothing, maybe it’s pyjamas. Imagine: navy blue cotton pyjama bottoms that (from afar) would definitely pass as acceptable workwear, providing that I don’t lift my arms too high and show off the pink pom-pom belt ties.

Now, as we approach day 76872937 of lockdown, it’s flipped. I miss opening my wardrobe doors and being confronted with the unlimited possibility and opportunity to invent myself, the thrill of controlling how I will look – and feel – today.

According to legend, otherwise known as my group chat, this sudden yearning for feeling hot again is widespread. One of my friends confessed that she misses having a reason to wear trousers.

To be honest, I just miss real adult woman clothing altogether. 

When we look good, we feel good, and therefore we are good. It is far too easy to retreat to the same stained t-shirt, but now that the weather has turned and spring has truly sprung, let’s make a promise to ourselves: we shall ditch the isolation sweats, holey socks and self-pity, and start dressing like we mean business. 

Nevertheless, if you’re like me and still can only manage to get dressed from the waist up on most days, let’s start with tops. Afterall, a nice top and gold hoops with ripped pyjama shorts on the bottom half is the best kept secret in the Zoom world. I found this Utility Look Linen Shirt from Long Tall Sally in white, and it’s just perfect.

I can absolutely also go for this Essential Jersey Maxi Dress in navy as well, which is the effortlessly cool answer to wearing a nightie. 

On the topic of one-pieces, this Jersey Shirt Jumpsuit is the perfect Monday morning catch-up-with-your-boss video call option.

Comfy? Yes. Effortless? Yes. Looking like an employee whose about to take the WFH week by storm? Absolutely. AND if it starts to get cold, which is more than likely in our beautifully unpredictable country, you can throw over this Wool Blend Colour Block Sweater. 10/10. 

Now it is time to address the highly controversial topic of jeans.

Yes, we are at home and yes, jeans are constricting (particularly after this week’s 2 banana breads and 3 sourdough loafs), but isn’t there a part of you that misses the promise of going places that’s associated with wearing jeans?

This is definitely true for me, so I’ve picked these Yoga Lilly Wide Jeans in indigo. Spectacular.

If I still can’t convince you, try these amazing Jersey Side Stripe Wide Leg pants with, I am sure you will be pleased to know, an elasticated waist. Could there be a more perfect WFH trouser? 

OK enough about WFH. We have got to remember the weekends still exist, and if there is one certainty during these times it is that Summer is still calling. Even though my holiday to Portugal was cancelled, I am not going to let that stop me soaking up my annual dose of Vitamin D and drinking a few too many Aperol Spritzes…

This Illusion Print Swimsuit, and this Mesh Detail Colourblock Swimsuit is coming along with me to a place I like to call Costa Del Garden.

I’ll throw over this Tiered Midi Jersey Print Skirt in navy for a trip to the drinks fridge and probably another evening Zoom call. And even though we don’t have plans to go very far, I’ll be throwing on these Birkenstock Saddle Matte Vegan Sandals for my trips to the supermarket. 

Are you with me? 

I really hope that myself, and Long Tall Sally, have convinced you that getting dressed up to stay home is the best way to stay looking – and feeling – the best you possibly can during these times. But, if you’re not quite convinced I’ll leave you in the loving hands of this Hamlet Check Robe. You’re welcome. 

Treat yourself to a browse through their New Season Clothing.  

Lily Major

Lily is the former editor of House of Solo, a London-based music, fashion and culture magazine. With a background in predominantly music journalism, Lily is now interested in discussing all areas that comprise London’s diverse cultural scene. Her work has appeared in House of Solo, Pentagon, and 9outof10.