Throw the Best Galentine’s Day with Gift Ideas from ONecklace

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner yet again. The most perfect excuse to pull out that sexy little lingerie set that has been collecting dust in the back of your closet, drink too much Champagne, eat all the chocolate and get dolled up. Some love V‑Day and some loathe it, for good reason. So people (a.k.a. the writers behind Parks and Recreation) have created this new, awesome soon‑to‑be holiday, falling on February 13th. We call it Galentine’s Day and this is the day when you celebrate the love for your BFFs and the important women in your life. How brilliant! We simply love it. 

If you are constantly racking your brains for what to get a loved one for each special occasion, we feel you! You have probably used up all your good ideas for Christmas or birthdays and now you’re struggling to think of something thoughtful to wrap up for Galentine’s Day (or V‑Day if this is when you prefer to get your BFF, mother, sister or boss one hell of a gift).

Flowers and chocolates are great. Let’s be honest, they’ll never go out of fashion. But if you want to add something more memorable and earn some major brownie points then visit They’ve got a huge selection of jewellery gifts as well as a section fully dedicated to Valentine’s Day. No more scrolling for hours at a time, simply browse their top recommendations and order online. You can even order a gift box and bag to come in the post so you don’t have to scramble around last minute to make it look presentable. Here are a few of our favourites: 

Classic name necklaces have made a resurgence recently, and definitely remind us of when Carrie donned hers in Sex in the City back in the day.

If you know someone who wears classic jewellery like hoop earrings or delicate vintage necklaces then we reckon they’ll love one of these. Choose to add their name or maybe a nickname to make it extra cute.

We also love these letter stud earrings which can bear separate initials and are available in silver, gold or rose gold. They are dainty, modern and understated enough for everyday wear. 

If you’re part of a family then why not gift this beautiful three tone ring engraved necklace? Each ring is engraved with the name of your choice to symbolise three people who will always feel close, even when they are apart. Any mother would be proud to wear this stylish gold, rose gold and sterling silver piece which acts as a constant reminder of her family unit.

For those who need a little pick me up, this vertical bar necklace offers up to four blank slates that can be customised with the word of your choosing. We think words like ‘hope’ and ‘strength’ would be lovely to give to someone who might be struggling at the moment. This means that they can have a physical reminder — in either gold, rose gold or silver — that you are always there to support them through troubles times.  

If you’re a daughter looking to make your mum feel appreciated then we’ve got an adorable mother and daughter necklace with your name on it, quite literally! The large rose gold circle pendant features one cut-out heart and the name of your choice, and the adjoining heart can be found on a matching necklace for you to wear as well. You can even add another two siblings to make a full set! 

We know that not everyone wears jewellery and lots of people prefer to choose their own. In that case, a simple personalised keychain does the trick.

This one is particularly popular for those with distant relatives or a partner who travels for their job. The four sides can be engraved with the words or names of your choice. This means that the recipient can carry it around and keep it with them at all times. 

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