This is the Perfect Engagement Ring as Voted for By Women

Many women have imagined what the moment of their engagement will look like – where it will happen, who it will happen with, and their preferred style of engagement ring. A recent survey found that British women described their dream engagement ring as having a white gold band with a round-cut half-carat diamond in a solitaire setting. Sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it!

It may not be surprising to hear that almost two-thirds of those surveyed believe that men should not have free rein when choosing a design, but 38% believe that he should have the ring in-hand for the proposal. For a once-in-a-lifetime moment, women want to make sure they get the right ring for them, even if it means being a bit untraditional! 

Doing a little browsing ahead of time is a great way to ensure that both parties are over the moon about the final product! The woman can do as little as simply giving hints and allowing the man to take it from there, or do as much as trying some options on and picking the final product along with her partner! If it’s going to be more of a surprise, it is definitely important for the fiancé-to-be to take a woman’s personal style and personality into consideration before making a purchase. Is she eclectic, preferring a unique, colorful piece? Or is she a fashionista who would enjoy something trendier? Thankfully, there are many online retailers that cater to both! 

Savicki Jewellery is among the very best, offering multiple collections that will surely suit the needs of any woman. Not only are their rings beautiful, but they also have free engraving and free size adjustment to make the ring absolutely perfect!

The Dream Rings Collection has lots of alluring options, whether you want something simple and classic or out-of-the-ordinary. Side-cut diamonds flank the main attraction – a center stone with two smaller stones flanking it. It comes in a variety of colours, sizes and metals!

One of their most stunning collections is the Fairytale Rings Collection, which offers unique stones and colours, with exquisite side jewels in the crown. This is a stylish choice that can lean traditional or trendy depending on the choice of stones.

The This is Love Collection has a pave-style band with a halo, which accentuates the center stone in a gorgeous way! It can make it appear bigger, so if you have someone who wants some extra sparkle and glam, this may just be the one for her.

 For something simple yet distinctive, shop the Journey Collection! The solitaire-style rings have a diamond embedded into the crown for a sparkling surprise whenever you admire it. The choices of colors and metals mean the options are endless!

These are only a small selection of the stunning collections from Savicki Jewellery. Because they have been handmaking their pieces since 1976, you can rest assured that a ring from Savicki will be personal, timeless, and quality. To help ensure you’re completely satisfied with your order, they even have one of the longest returns policies of any UK online jeweller – up to 120 days after purchase!

As for those who are close to engagement, it may be wise to at least check in with your partner to see what they like in a ring and what they don’t. Fifty-four percent of women admit that they would keep quiet if they didn’t like the ring their partner chose – and 23% have actually lied to their friends about liking it! Avoid any disappointment by browsing online to see what’s available and what looks best to her. It may also be good to keep in mind that the ring may end up on social media – 1 in 10 women surveyed said they would post a photo of their ring to be admired by friends and family! 

It may seem a bit unconventional, but a whopping 52% of Brits believe that men should also wear engagement rings. They’re not just for the ladies anymore! With the changing times come changing expectations, and now more than ever, women have an opportunity to pop the question, too. Savicki Jewellery even offers ring sets for men and women, like this one from the Light Collection. It’s a great opportunity to share a symbol of love for both the bride and the groom, no matter if it’s used for an engagement or a wedding ring!

No matter who ends up asking the initial question, as long as it’s done with love, it’s sure to end with a happily ever after. Being able to offer a universal symbol of love along with it can’t hurt! 

Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins is a blogger for her own site Fashionably Clearance. She has a background in PR and communications, working for a global health nonprofit by day. Amanda adores the perfect blush manicure, long weekends away and getting an unbelievable deal.