How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for Different Big Occasions as a Man

As a man when dressing for a big occasion it’s often tempting to just have that one go-to suit that you just pull out of the wardrobe and go for it. This is a tried and tested method and can work with limited success. But let’s be a bit more ambitious and see if we can find a way to make our outfits work specifically to suit (no pun intended) each occasion.

Wedding (As A Guest)

As a wedding guest, the spotlight will clearly not be on you. But this does not mean you should make no effort at all. Even if you don’t want to get a new suit, shirts, ties, and shoes can all make a big difference, so treat yourself, you’ll look good and feel good. Weddings can all differ and trends are sometimes surprisingly different, so check with the wedding party if at all unsure.

Wedding (As The Groom)

This is always a very important choice, those photos will be in your family forever! As well as what you want to wear you’ll have the rest of the wedding party to consider and although you shouldn’t be allowed to see the bride’s outfit it’s a good idea to maybe ask what colour-scheme the bridesmaids are wearing to avoid any terrible clashes.

Attending A Funeral (Definitely As A Guest)

When a loved one passes away it is always hard. Sometimes it is a sudden shock and on other occasions it has been a long time coming. No matter what the circumstances there’s a lot to remember and being such a difficult time you might struggle with the demands of getting everything right. Everything for this outfit needs to say formal and respectful, and there are some traditions here, especially with dark ties, for funerals, as this is what would be expected in almost all occasions.

An Important Job Interview

Dressing for an interview is a little tricky and it all depends on the potential employer and the role you are going for. One thing to do is research the dress-code and vibe in the office you are going for. A job at a law firm may expect a much more firm dress-code than a job at a new media or tech enterprise. Make sure you look good but also not out of place for the company you are going to.

A Big Grand Day Out

Day At The Races or some other formal day out requires a bit of thought to what to wear. It, of course, all depends on the seriousness of the occasion and a good guide may be to check what the other chaps are planning to wear so that you don’t end up looking foolish.

A Christening

How to dress for a christening is really simple, church wear should be a plain suit, nothing too flashy and keep everything on the level. Dark shoes and dark or grey suits are good. It can seem a bit daunting if you are not a church-goer yourself but it is a relatively short occasion and should be easy to get through.

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