Chilly Temperatures…But Make It Fashion!

The cold season has arrived and brrr, dressing for the big freeze can be a juggling act because you need to keep warm, accommodate for various components of your day (work, gym, dinner etc.) and still look cute. Winter outfits are also notoriously unfashionable and shapeless (insert eye roll), but that doesn’t mean we should all subscribe to a slob mentality. Lucky for us, the good folks at 8K Flexwarm has reinvented outerwear and developed stylish heated apparel for us to ward off the winter chill. Now, we all have no excuses to skip the outdoors.

Whether it’s a winter hike or just a simple leisure stroll through the countryside, 8K Flexwarm has the best products for all sorts of outdoor activities and expeditions. Their line combines contemporary design, supreme quality and revolutionary Flexwarm heating technology to create snug, lightweight jackets and gilets.

With guaranteed durability and a 100% washable and splash-resistant material, the said wearables are designed to fit the contours of the body to deliver essential warmth on any outdoor adventure in any weather condition. Sure sounds like the perfect balance of warmth, weight and style to us! Armed with such fabulous heated outerwear, you definitely be ready to conquer the busiest of city streets, get lost in hidden forests or explore rugged terrains with a previously unattained level of style and performance.

You’d go from cold to cosy real quick because these heated smart jackets can reach temperatures up to 50 degrees in no more than 6 minutes! Ah, a true snug hug in a jacket without all those bulky layers of insulation.

8K Flexwarm’s intelligently engineered apparel also gives you the ability to adjust your temperature from an app or with manual buttons. You’ll have complete climate control over the amount of heat received and where it goes to – chest, back or belt area. These clever clothes enable highspeed smartphone charging on the go too, with a little power bank discreetly housed inside a zippable inner pocket. We don’t know about you but we definitely want to be comfortable and connected all at once.

To get going, just charge the power bank the same way you would your smartphone, plug it into the jacket (or gilet)’s internal cable, download the Flexwarm app, pair the devices via Bluetooth and voila!

Available in various styles and colours, our favourite is the Heated Hoodie in Burgundy because it comes with a hood for extra protection and a pop of colour to combat the dreary cold. But of course, classic neutrals such as navy blue and black are available too.

This year, instead of layering up and looking like a chubby Michelin Man, opt for 8K Flexwarm’s smart apparel to keep warm and toasty forever. It makes for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your man, and is well worth the investment.

Zip up, switch on and feel the heat now at

Valerie Tan

F&B marketer by day, freelance writer by night.

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