Maternity Clothes For a Stylish & Comfortable Winter That Must Be in Your Closet

Motherhood is an exciting phase that makes one feel butterflies a second before and a second later you can just have a flip over. But it is also a phase where to-be-moms are changing drastically on a physical level and shopping might become a serious problem. Now the question is not to look stylish or feel comfortable but what to wear to feel comfortable especially in the winter season. Now as the colder season has arrived we bring you some elegant options that will make a fashion diva rocking her pregnancy and will also keep you warm and comfortable:

Oversize sweaters

Never out of style these oversize sweaters, when paired with a legging or skinny pair of jeans and boots will make you look simply stunning. You will feel comfortable, confident and of course a head turner which will boost your mood. The best these oversized sweaters can be used post delivery as well and can be bought with great deals and money saving offers available while shopping online.

Cardigan over top or dress

Pulling of a dress is a big deal with a pregnant belly and if you are not sure that you want to flaunt all out then cardigans are here at your service. Cardigans, when worn over a top with jeans or with a dress, will help to keep you covered but is also a perfect way to style yourself for a day out with ladies for lunch or shopping and stay active.

Woollen scarves or mufflers

An accessory that is absolutely necessary and can change the whole fashion game. Pair it with an oversized sweater and jeans or wear it with a dress, it will make you look classy and will make a perfect dress for a date or dinner with your partner.

Stretchy Dresses

Often expecting moms shy away from wearing dresses or gown as they feel that they won’t be able to pull it off or their size is not available. On the contrary, there are many stretchable dresses available in the market in many sizes, patterns, and fabrics that it will make you look stunning, feel comfortable and enhance your beauty.

So, don’t shy away from stretchy dresses just because you are pregnant and give it a try for a change to look attractive and lively.


Ponchos and shrugs never go out of style and are perfectly capable of making you feel cosy in winters. Ponchos are simply perfect to hide your belly, if that’s the goal and can be paired with jeans or skirt with leather boots depending on the occasion and your comfort level.

To conclude, pregnancy is a phase to cherish and not to worry about what to wear or not. It is the phase to eat your heart out and experiment with your sense of styling. So shop all you want this autumn but don’t forget to follow these smart options to feel sexy and comfortable.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.