MVMT Watches is One Reason Good Watches are Cheaper than Ever

A watch is a necessary accessory for men and women alike that not only serves the purpose of indicating the time but sporting the right sleek timepiece also acts as a fashion statement. So, you can never have enough watches to wear.

When thinking of some of the most stylish and high-quality watch brands, you really have to consider MVMT (Movement). This watch company has dominated the watch market since its founding in 2013. MVMT’s online presence is just unbelievable. Not many fashion brands have the customer base that the company enjoys.

The interesting thing about their popularity is their pricing. They offer good watches at friendly prices. Their watches are generally cheaper than most brands. A majority of them range from $95 to $110.

In terms of quality, the MVMT watches are built to last. From the straps (mostly leather) to the aesthetically designed faces, quality is a priority.

But, how comes the watches are cheaper than most brand and yet quality and style are guaranteed? Well, here are the reasons why:

1. No Retailer’s Markup Price

Unlike most watch brands where you have to pay for the retailer’s profit margin, you don’t have to incur this cost with MVMT watches. The company operates on a direct-to-consumer basis. Thus, you only pay for the price of the watch as set by the manufacturer since there are no retailers involved. You can buy the watches directly from the company’s website.

2. Amazing Discount Offers

Most customers are attracted by the discount codes that are often available on the company website and on leading coupon sites. With the MVMT watches discount code, you are assured of paying a significantly lower price for the watch on offer. You just need to be on the lookout to identify the coupons.

3. A Company with a Humble Origin

MVMT was founded by two college friends, Kramer and Jake, who at one time could not afford to buy a watch. Since they were too broke, they decided to make their own watches. After seeing that they were good at it, they opt for crowdfunding and created MVMT. The two understand how hard it is to afford a quality watch, and that’s why they set affordable prices for their products.

4. The Benefit of Switching Watch Styles

At times, all you need to appear like you are wearing a new watch is a new strap. MVMT provides you with this benefit. They allow you to change your current watch strap with another of similar quality at a lower price. Therefore, you are able to switch from one watch style to another cheaply.

5. The Free Shipping Advantage

Often, what makes a watch that is ordered online expensive is the additional shipping charges. MVMT shoulders the expense so that you can spend less on your watch of choice. They also take care of the return shipping in case you want to change the order that has been delivered to you.

Whether you are looking for a men’s or a women’s watch that is both stylish and cheaper, MVMT has you covered.  You can always shop comfortably without worrying about the prices or how the product will reach you. Clearly, MVMT watches is one reason why good watches are cheaper than ever before.

Krysta Jakson

Krysta is an experienced blogger, writing blogs on lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. She wonderfully describes the latest trends on these topics, making the articles interesting for all the readers.