All Eyes on Details! Cute Summer Outfits from ANNRO

If we had to choose a buzz word on every Saint Laurent slicked fashionista’s lip this year it would be sustainability. Towards the end of last year sustainable pioneer Stella McCartney called for an overhaul of ‘incredibly wasteful’ fashion, and it seems up and coming designers have listened in a bid to make eco glam.

A new sustainable brand that we can’t take our eyes off is ANNRO. The Copenhagen based fashion label was founded in 2017 by Anne Rosholm. Anne had always dreamed of owning her own fashion brand, designing from the age of seven by altering pantyhose into t-shirts. Fast forward to the age of 26 and Anne to has taken the leap into what was once her daydream. We are witnessing the fashion industry in a state of flux, finding its feet, or shoes, in a new realm of sustainability, eco and cruelty free consumers. Anne has seen this and invested her brand in minimising waste, keeping low stock and trying to use as little trim as possible.

Anne has recognised that women today are looking to for style and comfort. We don’t want to look like we’re in sweats, but we kind of want to feel like we’re wearing them – am I right ladies? This has been a great source of inspiration for the ANNRO lines and a fundamental element of their mission. The new PASTEL collection is just what every woman needs a touch of in their wardrobe. It professes inner happiness through outer confidence by using the psychology of colours to literally trigger positive emotions in the brain. ANNRO know it’s all in these details. We’ve selected a few of our favourite summer outfits from the range.

The Trumpet Sleeve Shirt is uber cute. This sleeve style is a popular trend for spring/simmer, as the design playfully adapts any t-shirt and can be styled for work, evening or casual-wear, yes it really is that versatile! This number sure looks really comfortable and indeed is, in a stretch cotton and jersey material, yet thanks to the flare it looks far from another practical tee.

This design perfectly encompasses ANNRO’s goal to balance fashion and comfort. Here it’s been styled with an equally fun and feminine peplum skirt, also part of the range, which mirrors the shirt in silhouette creating beautiful lines to accentuate the figure. No jewellery has been added but the outfit still stands out, here less is definitely more. The fusion of pastels is just heavenly and the top is also available in a peach colour. Grab some white trainers for a casual, pretty day look, or pair it with pink court shoes for an evening out. Truly an outfit to make your own.

Culottes – the fashion item you probably didn’t realise your wardrobe was crying out for. In the warm summer months this style is utterly comfortable for running around the city but, in typical ANNRO fashion, still looks chic.

This cute pair come in four colours. The first, in baby sky blue, is cute and clean. Other shades include pink, creamy peach and violet. ANNRO recommend matchmaking a pair of these sassy high-waist culottes with their Trumpet Sleeve Shirt. Try mixing pastels for a calming yet dynamic feel. However, you can also style the trousers with a plain black tee. The deep colour of the t-shirt emphasises the youthful blue, making the shade a real focal point of the outfit. Alternatively try a crisp white shirt, ideal if you’re wearing culottes to work. If you want to have some fun the block colour of the trousers really encourages playing with prints on top. Patterns nuancing the blue of the trousers would tie the look together seamlessly.

The Ruffle Trim Shirt continues the trend invoked by the Trumpet Sleeve Shirt. Shirts don’t have to be plain. The ruffle here is actually quite simple but creates a feminine manner that completely changes an outfit. This is perfectly paired with jeans or a denim skirt, making those simple pieces you’re bored of much more exciting. This is a casual piece from the collection but paired with a peplum skirt, or even jeans and your favourite pair of heels, you can go from day to night. The frills would detract from a necklace so complete the look with a pair of hoop earrings or double up some bracelets. This is a staple piece for summer.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of the PASTEL collection is this Robe Belt Kimono. Quite honestly it resembles my dressing gown more so than anything else in my wardrobe – and I’m in love. ANNRO wanted to create comfort but they wanted it to look good, and oh boy did they do that with this kimono.

Flattering with the tie at the waist yet loose in the rest of the fit means that you can be comfortable and look good. The simple nature of the block colour, which also comes in peach and blue, means it can be worn with absolutely anything. Perfect over floral, summer tea dresses but equally so with jeans and a tee. This is the ultimate summer jacket.

ANNRO is getting a lot right when it comes to this season’s trends and answering to the consumer’s desires. We’re predicting big things for the woman who once daydreamed of running her own business, and we can’t wait to watch the success unfold, and maybe add a few pieces to our wardrobe! 

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Hattie Cotmore

Hattie is a luxury PR executive and freelance blogger based in London. Passionate about fashion, beauty and travel and a croissant obsessive. Follow Hattie on social media @hattiecotmore

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