6 Styling Tips For Summer That Can Change Your Life

It’s no secret there’s an array of styling tips out there in the universe. Some of them however are more important than others. I can honestly say that a select few have actually altered the way I get dressed in the morning and have only impacted my life for the better!

Keep reading to find out how these 6 essential styling tips can impact your life too.

#1 Don’t be afraid to be creative and use your DIY (do it yourself) skills.

Whether it’s tailoring my mom’s old gown or wearing a baggy men’s sweater as a dress, I love to turn pieces that are meant for one thing, into my own thing. Dare to be crafty! You would be surprised at how versatile clothing can actually be. Not to mention you will have the most unique wardrobe out of your entire friend group and no one will be calling you an outfit repeater any time soon.

#2 Add one statement piece to a neutral outfit.

I personally love to throw on a colourful scarf, a funky shoe or a interesting bag when I’m wearing something ordinary. If you start jazzing up your plain outfits, you’ll be guaranteed to feel super glam and trendy every time you leave the house. This trick takes so little effort, but makes such a huge difference. It can truly also give you a confidence boost for the day.

#3 Less is more when it comes to accessories.

Although jewellery really adds to an outfit, too many pieces can be overwhelming. I always try to choose three out of the four jewelry categories when I’m accessorizing (rings, bracelets/watches, necklaces and earrings). That way, I’m sure to be sufficiently accessorized without totally overdoing it. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than looking like you’re being eaten by your own jewelry.

#4 When you wear a revealing top, cover up on the bottom (and vice versa).

This rule is applicable on an everyday basis. If you’re going clubbing, by all means, please feel free to dress as you wish. However in general, if I’m wearing a revealing top, I cover up the bottom half of my body as my mom engraved this rule in me since I was in high school (thanks mom!).

#5 Costume jewelry can transform an outfit.

Items like chunky necklaces and big rings are always great additions to any ensemble. It plays things up and can make you feel like you took more time to get ready. Currently, statement earrings are my favorite costume jewelry to wear because they don’t bother me during the day, but still add a personalized touch to my look.

#6 Don’t underestimate the power of a good coat.

I LOVE a good coat! It’s the perfect element to add to any outfit that needs to be spruced up. I personally tend to reach for a trench coat, a leather jacket or a classic bomber. Coats give you leeway to really have fun with your outfits, as they allow you to take on a different style every time!

Leave a comment below with your favourite go-to styling tips! 

Adrianna Zakher

Adrianna is a young finance student from Montreal and the founder of her fashion blogs ADRIANNA and The Men’s Blog. She provides tips on how to look awesome as a young professional on a budget. Whether she’s writing blog posts on the train, editing pictures during class or scheduling posts while at work (oops!), she’s always making sure her readers get awesome content. Check out adriannazakher.com for more!

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