Finding the Perfect Button Up: Don’t Be Without a White and White Shirt in Your Closet

When you think of wardrobe essentials, there is often one piece that pops up first and foremost: a white shirt. There is nothing more necessary to have and to love, as it is so easily paired with just about anything in your closet! It continues to be a staple decade after decade, coming in handy for everything from business meetings, to weekends where you just cannot find anything suitable to wear. However it can be difficult to find that perfect white shirt that works for every occasion.

Enter White and White, a fashion start up that has created a line of the ultimate white shirts for women that you will keep in rotation for years to come. There are seven distinct designs in the current line, all made of pure Italian cotton or silk, which speaks to the value and worth of the pieces. By using high quality fabrics, there is already a foundation of luxury in every piece that is obvious no matter how you style them. While the shirts may be a bit of a blank canvas on their own, they still manage to stand apart from the rest with lovely details, such as French seams, pure silk cuffs or delicate pearl buttons. These white shirts will not steal away from the rest of your look, but will be as comfortable as they are gorgeous, no matter what you wear with them. The shirts are extremely versatile and work well to dress up or down. What we love the most about the White and White collection is that the shirts have been designed with resort in mind.

There are definitely some stand-out favourites in the collection that you will particularly want to get your hands on. WW01 is your classic go-to white shirt, with a relaxed fit that’s made to look oversized and casual. Paired with your favourite denim/jeans, or thrown on over your bikini for a day on the beach, you can rock this classic piece easily without hiding your figure. Add pointed flats or pumps with it for an ultra-chic outfit!

The WW02 has the indulgent feel of silk, but with a bit of stretch that makes this shirt extra-wearable. The front features clean front pleats that offer a touch of detail to dress the shirt up just a bit.

If you need a great option for business casual outfits or an interview, this pick will fit the bill perfectly. WW04 stands out as a tunic-style shirt, which is ideal for pairing with a slip and a statement necklace to wear it as a casual dress for weekends. A good pair of slide sandals will wear easily with this look.

Finally, the WW07 option is unique with its rose embroidery and fabric. Throwing this on over a bathing suit for a relaxing day by the pool will be where this one lives within your wardrobe – you will not want to forget to pack this piece in your suitcase when you go on your next adventure. No matter which style you select, they each stand out as simple yet stunning pieces in your wardrobe.

The pieces are made to be worn season after season. They will wear nicely on their own for the warmer summer months, but will also layer nicely with a sweater in the fall and winter to give a stylish look that is never frumpy.

The shirts themselves cost between £250 and £375, so while they are certainly investment pieces, they are well worth the cost. Who can put a price on the ultimate timeless white blouse? Chief Critic at Vogue Runway, Sarah Mower, has already praised the brand by saying, “White and White is a discovery for anyone who’s looking for a simple but perfectly made white shirt.” Knowing that you’re buying a high quality item that has already been recognized and lauded for its flawless style is reason enough to give the brand a try.

If you are ready to check out the options that White and White provides, you can shop the entire collection online on their website.

Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins is a blogger for her own site Fashionably Clearance. She has a background in PR and communications, working for a global health nonprofit by day. Amanda adores the perfect blush manicure, long weekends away and getting an unbelievable deal.

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