Our Guide To Buying Diamond Rings

Eternity rings are not only ultra-romantic but they mark an important occasion in a person’s life. They may symbolise the birth of a baby, an important anniversary or a treasured memory. They are, without a doubt, a sign of a momentous occasion and so eternity rings often take the place of wedding bands and engagement rings too.

There are plenty of custom designed rings in the market but eternity rings can be easily identified by their distinctive design. They are circular and entirely encrusted with diamonds. Their round shape symbolises an ever-lasting love and commitment between two people. 

The eternity band dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Their hieroglyphics suggest that the eternity band even existed in 2000-1800 BC. To the Egyptians, the circle was considered to be a very powerful symbol, leading them to believe that it represented eternity.

The ancient Egyptians were considered to be very romantic people and believed in the idea that love and the bond of marriage was an unbreakable connection, a connection so strong that not even death could alter it.

Due to their romantic ways, the ancient Egyptians are considered as the creators of the wedding ring. This theory began when archaeologists found wedding rings in many Egyptian tombs. They ranged from minimal rings, which have been carved from bone, all the way to sophisticated metal and gem style rings.

The common thread that links the ancient Egyptians to eternity rings is that all the rings that were found have the exact characteristics of modern day eternity bands. They were all round and adorned with diamonds or precious gems.

Eternity rings can also be seen as a way to preserve treasured moments and memories. They mark all the good in a relationship and all the fortune to come in a couple’s lives. These eternity rings also symbolise their literal meaning. They can be passed down through generations for eternity, becoming family heirlooms.

Diamond Eternity Rings from Berganza offer not only all the connotations of an eternity ring but an extra special element of history into the mix. All the rings that are available have a history behind them – they may even carry their own love story! An eternity ring can immortalise a couple’s love. With these rings, it can go on forever.

Emilia Bruce-Watt

Emilia is a recent English and American Literature graduate and a blogger for her own travel and lifestyle site, My Big Big World. If she isn’t planning her next foreign adventure, you can find her in the nearest coffee-shop, watching the latest blockbusters or signing up to yet another half marathon.