Meet the New Jewellery Designer Who is Bringing Scandi Style to London

Meet the new jewellery designer who is bringing Scandi style to London

Felice Dahl

Scandinavian style is everywhere in London – from clothes to home wear we love a clean silhouette, simple colour choices, and minimal designs. There are plenty of reasons for this, but, above all else, Scandi style is just cool. I know – not the most descriptive word, but that’s what it is. It’s here to stay and I for one am not complaining – especially when it means there’s room and support for emerging designers like Stephanie Felice Dahl, who this year launched her eponymous jewellery line Felice Dahl– already a favourite amongst top bloggers such as Danish sensation Freja Wewer.

Let me introduce you: Stephanie has embraced her Swedish roots to create the line, which focuses on sculpted, organic forms and foregrounds the manipulation of metal. She’s clearly incredibly talented, not to mention well trained, and has put together a beautiful collection of interesting, directional pieces. Stephanie also has a thirst for travel, having lived in Paris, New York, and London – she is multicultural in her taste but decidedly Scandinavian in her design (and each piece is lovingly crafted in London).


Jewellery is often very personal; frequently coming in the form of gifts (from friends; from family; or from ourselves, to ourselves) and it is certainly one of the best ways to showcase personal style. Despite this, jewellery designers can sometimes have to fight to be recognized for their incredible talent and effort, with so many huge clothing brands dominating the fashion world. What is clear with Felice Dahl, however, is that this is a collection worth shouting about.

So, let’s discuss the pieces themselves. The collection is bold and fluid, but the simple finish of luxurious gold and smooth texture keeps it minimal and understated. This means the pieces expertly bridge between wearability and being a truly unique addition to an outfit.

Felice Dahl

Swedish jewellery designer Felice Dahl

Top Scandinavian jewellery designer Felice Dahl

The movement present in the pieces hints at the creation, it is almost like they have formed themselves – as though the metal has been manipulated by water or gravity. There’s certainly a strong undercurrent of the natural and organic, with the design being influence by the natural world and the qualities of metal. Stephanie’s attention to detail has resulted in a perfectly executed, efficient design with no excess – a cornerstone of Scandinavian style.

Okay, so it’s clear I’m a fan – but go and check out the wonderful Felice Dahl line and I’m betting you will be too.

Another real strength of the collection is that the pieces can be worn together and you won’t look like a walking advertisement. They reference each other and tie in well, but are different enough to allow interest rather than monotony when taken as a whole. For me, this is a true mark of quality design and foresight – how well the collection works together and how well the pieces work alone; on both counts, Stephanie’s work delivers.

The pieces themselves will look great paired with a plain, slouchy t-shirt; raw hem, ankle-grazer jeans; and trainers or with a more formal outfit of a navy shirt-dress and simple shoes. Now I just need to decide whether to get one piece, or go for the whole line…

Första Cuff Bracelet, £418 

Felice Dahl bracelet

Första Earrings, £227 

Första Ear Cuff, £100 


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