Ugly Sports Bag Ruining Your Gym Look? You Need This Tote!

Ugly sports bag ruining your gym look? You need this tote!


Are you a hot-yoga-in-the-morning girl? Or a HIIT-session-after-work woman? Whatever your exercise style, being able to go to and from work with all your gym gear in style is important. Carting around too many bags especially as the weather heats up is just not ideal, especially if you’ve just done an hour of Bikram you’re not exactly ready to sweat some more on your commute. Being able to take everything in one convenient and stylish tote has never been easier thanks to GymTote. GymTote are throwing out the ugly sports bag in favour of one sleek stylish tote that looks just like a handbag but performs like a fully functional gym bag!

Founded by Helena Searcaigh in 2012, the search for the perfect gym bag was a minefield and when Helena met Nicola – the design brains behind the styles – GymTote was born. Made with the finest quality materials to withstand more than just the role of an everyday bag, GymTote bags look good and work even harder. With three key styles, the SophiaEva and Reese there is a bag for every gym bunny and every girl on the go and in a variety of colours so you’re completely spoiled for choice here! 



GymTote pieces feature separate breathable, water resistant areas for kit and trainers, a top compartment for handbag essentials and a cleverly concealed, upright water resistant water bottle holder. For us YCB girls, a GymTote is the only way to carry your kit in style. Our favourite is the Sophia Tote which also features a hidden yoga mat holder and A4 document pocket. Ideal for switching from Downward Dog to those early meetings. Another favourite is the Eva Tote in Black Croc, adding a dash of luxury to your gym bag. Long gone are the days of the regular old sports bag, when you can easily transition from the gym to work to drinks and no one would suspect that you’re carrying a gymkit in there! What’s more is the bags are lightweight and easy to carry so you won’t even be weighed down by your trainers and water bottle on a day to day basis.


If you prefer to more hands free every day then the Reese tote is the bag for you, featuring a long strap so you can sling your GymTote over your shoulder after a hard workout and be on your way! The Reese tote is even tested to hold up to 40lbs / 18kgs, meaning you’ll never have leave anything at home worrying it will weigh you down! There’s also an exterior zipped phone/mp3 pocket with eyelets to hold your earphone cord for secure tunes on your journey to and from work.

GymTote is already getting major press attention, with pieces seen in Marie and Stylist. It seems that the need for a suitably stylish gym bag is every woman’s high priority these days as our lives get busier and squeezing in a workout is sometimes even on our lunch break. GymTote is here to relieve you of the stress of packing a gym bag every day, making it much easier to just get up and go in a morning. We find it so much easier knowing that everything is in one place rather than looking through three different bags just for our bottle of water by our desk. It can safely be said that GymTote will change your life in a big way.


Practical and stylish bags to bring to the gym

Ugly sports bag ruining your gym look? You need this tote 

You can buy GymTote directly here, or Londoners head to The Sports Edit on Fulham Road!

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