7 Ways to Save Money at Lululemon

7 ways to save money at Lululemon

ways to save money at Lululemon

If you’re anything like me then your go-to clothing brand is Lululemon. If you have a job where you don’t have to be in an office, yoga pants are pretty much my uniform. But unfortunately, your uniform of looking like all you do is lay around and take the occasional yoga class is expensive. Lulu ain’t cheap. Luckily we have some tips on how you can actually get the best deals at Lulu from Andrea Woroch (AndreaWoroch.com), a money-saving expert who has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Consumer Reports, Forbes and many more.

How to save money at Lululemon

1. Stock up on discount gift cards.

Purchase Lululemon gift cards for up to 16% off face value and use these cards as payment for your next purchase. Check out Gift Card Granny for a detailed comparison of Lululemon gift cards available from several resellers.

2. Browse the “We Made Too Much” section.

Lululemon’s We Made Too Much section is the equivalent of their sale section. You can get as much as 50% off here! According to blogger Lulumum, new inventory is added “every Thursday morning around 9am PST” on the website, and occurs on Wednesday in the stores. Lulumum advises shoppers to seek out these discount goods both in the designated sale areas and throughout the store, as some markdowns are mixed among full-price items.

3. Shop sale events.

Black Friday, Boxing Day and The Warehouse Sale represent the top big sale events offered by Lululemon, according to Lulumum. But there may be the occasional sale at your local store so keep your eye out on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a student, don’t spend too much on writing services. There are always cheaper options and when you need college homework help.

4. Scout third-party retail sales.

Like other athletic apparel manufactures, Lululemon sells its apparel and other goods at yoga studios, gyms and fitness clubs (like Equinox and SoulCycle) across the country. Shoppers can take advantage of seasonal discounts offered by these facilities, since new arrivals will always result in markdowns on current stock. Initial discounts are often 10 to 20% while late-season deals can see savings of up to 50% (though inventory will be slimmer). Sign up for your studio’s e-newsletter or ask one of your yoga instructors to let you know when the next round of apparel discounts beings.

5. Take advantage of a professional discount.

Lululemon extends a 15% discount to certified yoga instructors and other fitness professionals through their Team Research and Development program so just become a yoga instructor! You just have to sign up for the program at a retail store and provide proof of certification and a photo ID.

6. Visit thrift shops and consignment stores.

Believe it or not but some people don’t want their LuLu pieces anymore. So you can find vintage Lulu at thrift shops and local consignment stores. It may be easier to shop for gently-used styles online at consignors like thredUp.com, where you can save up to 90% off gently-used clothing including Lululemon apparel. Head to Coupon Sherpa for a thredUp promo code for 20% off your order for even more savings! You can filter by “like new” for a selection of least-used garments.

7. Try a bidding site.

Your can also find some great items at eBay, Amazon and Poshmark.

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