Scene Stealing Accessories for the Gig-Goer

Scene stealing accessories for the gig-goer

ReStrung jewelry New Orleans

Festival season is in full swing (though we’ve said goodbye to Coachella and Glastonbury for another year) and if you didn’t already know, we love gigs, especially hip underground ones in the city and luckily London is bursting with dynamic music events that will fill our entire Summer calendar in no time. As we set out to watch our favourite bands perform and channel our inner groupie, we raid our wardrobe in the hope of nailing the perfect gig-going outfit.

Jewellery is an essential focus of any gig attending event and here at YCB we love hand-crafted jewels and vintage pieces. So, it’s only natural that we did let out a little squeal of excitement when stumbling across ReStrung Jewellery. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the ReStrung collection feature playful looks made from recycled guitar strings.

Restrung Jewellery

ReStrung Jewelry

Looking to jazz up our summer accessory collection, we can’t wait to get our hands on their Backstage Pass Necklace. Lucky for you (and us) it’s the perfect accessory to slip on top of any gig-going ensemble. Its name alone sets any musical lovers heart racing, and with any luck it might make your wild backstage dreams come true!

Stacking rings, statement necklaces and cuffs are all a perfect addition to your concert accessory collection, but sometimes a girl needs something a bit more feminine to add in to the mix. The Two Souls Necklace is for those who wish to give their outfit a fusion of music and timeless fashion. The intertwining piece offers an eternal embrace representing love in all its forms. Who knows, you might meet the man of your dreams front row at Fleetwood Mac but don’t fret as you will be fully equipped with this good luck necklace.

The turquoise, Lapis and Moonstone Earrings gives the gig-goer a timeless, bohemian festival look– there are endless Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung outfits spotted accompanying boho chic jewels. Your hippy-dippy gig outfit will be complete with these large earthly toned earrings.

For more on ReStrung Jewellery’s recycled, re-purposed, reborn ethos check out their fashion forward and music madness updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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