From Punk To Pretty: Ear Cuffs Are The Newest Must-Have Accessory

From Punk To Pretty: Ear Cuffs Are The Newest Must-Have Accessory

Ear cuffs Bar Refaeli

Slowly gaining popularity over the past couple months, ear cuffs have now burst onto the scene after the Met and Cannes Film Festival, where attendees had them on full display. Models, singers and now movie stars have been spotted wearing this newest ear decoration at events all over the world. And do we like the new trend? Yes! Ear cuffs are a great way to add some edge to your look, without taking the plunge and getting a real piercing. Excessive ear jewellery used to be taboo in the office, but now (at least here at Your Coffee Break) pretty ear cuffs are totally acceptable, as ear cuffs continue to lose their punk connotation. Many companies are designing prettier and delicate versions of the punk staple, perfect for women with more classic styles

Ear cuffs are coming in a variety of shapes and styles as well. There are small. basic cuffs, that look like a simple hoop. There are ear cuffs with an earring attached by a chain, and there are ear cuffs that extend all the way up the ear, like the one Bar Refaeli was seen wearing.

Miranda Kerr ear cuffs

Diane Kruger and Emma Watson wore several hoop ear cuffs on their cartilage to add more flair to their ears. Miranda Kerr put a spiked cuff on her upper cartilage to add some edge to her simple outfit. Cara Delevingne wore a dramatic Chanel cuff to keep the focus on her accessories (and her perfect bone structure).

Cara Delevingne in ear cuffs

Interested in adding an ear cuff to your jewellery collection this summer? Many brands are now making ear cuffs that are incredibly cute and affordable. So head to your nearest shopping center and pick one up for yourself, because this trendy item is soon to be a jewellery staple for women everywhere.

ear cuffs 1) Urban Outfitters Delicate Branch ear cuff, $12, 2) Nasty gal turquoise ear cuff, £13, 3) New look ear cuff, £3.50, 4) H&M ear cuff, £4, 5) Asos 3 ear cuffs, £6, 6) Asos triangle ear cuff, £30, 7) Zara ear cuff,$15, 8) Bershka ear cuff, £5, 9) Chelsea Doll black chain ear cuff, £5

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