6 Famous People With Beliefs in Astrology & Horoscopes

When it comes to their lives, celebrities are pretty open about their relationship status or diets, but not many admit to being interested in astrology, horoscopes and mediums. However, there are quite a few well-known people who have been open about using astrology over the years and needing a little help from the planets from time to time.

Astrology, as explained by TheCircle, is the study of the movement and positions of the planets and stars and how they influence people in their lives. This is generally reported in the form of a horoscope, which can be found in most magazines, newspapers or on the internet.

1. Lady Gaga

First celebrity on the list is American singer and Oscar-nominated for her performance in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born – Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a fiery Aries, a curious, energetic and enthusiastic personality, and she admitted to using astrology when she decides to go on tour. She consults her ‘spiritual team’ to plan her performances and tour dates correctly, so that there are no signs of bad luck around the corner.

2. Nancy Reagan

The American film actress and wife of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, admitted to using an astrologer. Although she had been using an astrologer for years, she only got really interested in it after the failed assassination attempt of her husband. Many conservatives didn’t like this about her due to their strong Christian beliefs, but she kept using the famous astrologer Joan Quigley to guide her and her husband through their lives.

3. Angelina Jolie

A big fan of the Buddhist astrology, Angelina Jolie is a double-headed Gemini who, according to sources close to her, uses the placement of the planets when scheduling key moments in her life. There is even a rumour that Angelina would rather have her films coming out on days that coincide with favorable astrological predictions.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born under the sign of the Leo, which makes her a warm and action-oriented person that is driven by her desire to be loved and admired. Many Leos for this reason choose a career in performing arts, which is exactly the case of J-Lo. She has said in previous interviews that her love for astrology comes from the fact that she wants to do anything she can to find out more about her future.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim is the most famous member of the Kardashian family and a Libra, an easygoing, attractive and comfortable zodiac sign. She is wary of what the stars have to say through her website. Kim has also said on husband Kanye West’s birthday that he is a Gemini – a perfect match for the Libra.

6. Albert Einstein

Who said that scientists don’t believe in astrology? Albert Einstein was an avid astrology fan, believing that it contains an “illuminating body of knowledge”. He even mentioned that he owed a lot to the practice of reading the heavens. Perhaps that is why astrologers insist astrology is as much of a science as astronomy!

Although everyone has a zodiac sign, not everyone believes in the power of the stars and how much they can influence their lives. Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences and it has been used by many cultures and indigenous tribes around the globe. Whether people choose to believe in it or not, it will always have its place in the world.

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