Life Lessons From the Olsen Twins (in Honour of Their 30th Birthday)

Life Lessons From the Olsen Twins (in Honour of Their 30th Birthday)

Life lessons from the Olsen Twins (in honour of their 30th birthday)

Imagine the world without the Olsen twins. Full House would have been a very different show (and possibly cancelled. It only held on because of the star power of those two little girls), we never would have had their straight to video series and we never would have believed that a mumu could look so fashionable when paired with a coat, giant sunglasses and three-inch heels. The twins, who just turned 30 this month, can actually teach us a lot besides how to put together a unique ensemble. After all, the Olsen twins run an estimated $1 billion retail empire that includes the upscale labels The Row and Elizabeth and James. Here are a few life lessons from these little ladies.

Just because you are barely 5 feet tall it doesn’t mean you can’t wear floor length-gowns, coats, and pants. And you should wear them all the time! To parties, to meetings, to Starbucks!

Always get the Venti cup. Grandes are for wimps.

If you’re not wearing 16 bracelets then why bother?

Do go to college, for about a minute because after all you have owned a company since you were 6 and are billionaires.

Do realise what you are good at. After New York Minute bombed at the box office the girls admitted they can’t open a movie but what they can do is design a luxury line. They even were honoured with the title of top womenswear designers of the year at the 2012 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.

When in doubt, just wear black and silk pajama pants in public.

Don’t rely on your star power. The Olsen twins could sell anything by slapping their name on it (how else do you think you become moguls at age 6?) but when they wanted to establish themselves as real fashion designers they didn’t want to rely on their selling power. “We didn’t want people to know that we were behind it,” Ashley told The Telegraph. They even considered hiring a front man. “We’d learned so much about building brands and talking to a specific customer. We did it with our faces at the beginning, and we knew we didn’t want to do that anymore. It’s far more fun this way.”

Hats and sunglasses are absolutely meant to be worn indoors.

Do always stick with your sister.

A Venti cup, purse or scarf is the perfect paparazzi blocker.

Meredith Lepore

Meredith is the former editor in chief of the women's career site, The Grindstone. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire @ Work, The Jane Dough, DailyWorth,, Business Insider and Learnvest. She earned her Masters in Magazine, Newspaper and Online journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time and enjoys reading, jogging, SoulCycle and playing with her small dog, Otis.

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