Emma Stone Back To Redhead In Gangster Squad

Emma Stone looked every bit the screen siren at the premiere of the new film Gangster Squad, in which she plays the female lead Grace Faraday, alongside Ryan Gosling.

Emma Stone in Gangster Squad

The 24 year-old actress looked absolutely stunning at the premiere in Hollywood (Jan 7). Miss Stone wore a beautiful strapless textured Lanvin dress with matching patent Louboutin stilettos. Brightening up the January gloom, she accessorised with a waist-cinching red belt with a red flower brooch, a gold clutch, and bold, dark-crimson costume-jewellery.

However, it was impossible not to notice that her much-coveted red locks that she sported in the film had now transformed into the golden variety – yet again. As a natural blonde, it must be said that Emma certainly looked the part, but we can’t help the fact that we love Emma’s red hair just a little bit more. And it seems that there are plenty who may agree with us too, as Emma’s red hue was one of the most requested in Hollywood. The young actress once stated that people often approach her with: ‘Hey, great to meet you. You should go back to red’. Her own hair-stylist, Tracey Cunningham, said that although a natural blonde, Emma feels most ‘like herself’ as a scarlet sensation.

Emma Stone blonde vs red

What do you think? Are you ‘battling for blonde’ or are you ‘crying out for crimson’?


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