4 Women Inspiring Confidence and Creativity in Future Generations 

From creators to queens of fashion, there are plenty of women achieving great success all over the world. With the popularity of the internet, it is easier than ever to adopt these great role models as idols for the future.  

Sadly, the Top Creators 2023 list by Forbes only had 23 women, compared to last year’s 25, so it is time to look at some of the women who have been inspiring millions. Whether owning their voice with a podcast or a business, these women are revolutionising the world with their power.  

Alice Rowen-Hall at Pink Boutique, says: “Either expressing self-love and body positivity or showing off your creative skills, being a good role model to the future generations isn’t an easy task. But there are plenty of women achieving queen status..

“And in a world where women aren’t recognised enough for the good work they do, it’s about time we highlight those achievements and the inspiration they are having on our future generations.” 

Connie Nam 

One woman who is inspiring others is Connie Nam, the founder of Astrid & Miyu. This jewellery empire was created from a love of travel and inspired by Nam’s own home jewellers in Seoul, her collections were created with the need to bring something new to the accessories market.  

These designs have both personality and the local markets of Nam’s youth in mind. Ditching the traditional glass boxes of most jewellers, Nam wanted to invite a bit of familiarity into her work. And as part of her brand, Connie Nam celebrated inclusion, diversity, and empowerment – inspiring many to embrace their culture and unique styles.  

So, express yourself with a sequin maxi dress adorned with your favourite initial pendant necklace or stacked rings or a pantsuit with the perfect earring stack for your personality, because feeling yourself is both about the clothes and accessories you wear.  

Paige Louise 

Paige Louise has taken the world by storm with her growing make-up empire, which has been shared and reshared across social media platforms with die-hard fans swearing by some of her creations.  

Her success came in a wave in 2021, with the net worth of her company P.Louise Makeup Academy LTD jumping from £610 in 2020 to £128,000 in 2021. Part of her success is due to her use of social media, with the official company TikTok having 2.3 million followers and 54.5 million likes. You can also boost your tiktok video with likes.

Alongside the makeup success, Paige Louise has taken to help younger generations achieve their dreams with her motivational planners and diaries designed to boost the confidence and creativity of her followers – so everyone can achieve success.  

Alex Cooper 

Podcasts have taken the world by storm, with 464.7 million listeners globally. And one podcast which is excelling is the women-led sensation “Call Her Daddy” hosted by Alexandra Cooper.  

If this isn’t inspiration for younger audiences to explore their passions, we don’t know what is. From humbly talking to yourself with a mic to interviewing Hollywood A-listers, Alex Cooper has grown her popularity in style – leading her to a lifestyle fit for the red carpet.  

Heela Yang 

Perhaps a hidden face and name, but Heela Yang has made millions from her well-known Bum Bum Cream. Released in 2016, this cream has been a big hit – embracing Brazilian culture and authenticity into the brand.  

Inspired by being confident in your own skin, Heela Yang was inspired by other women. And with the product being a viral TikTok hit, reaching 2.7 million views just for the before and after effects, this cream can inspire many on their own confidence and creativity journey.   

Her partnership with Sephora, a year after release, shows just how incredible this stuff is. And it is due to her love for Brazil and the authenticity of her brand that Heela Yang has managed to build an empire.  

So, whether you’re a budding dermatologist or simply someone who loves feeling and looking good, then Heela Yang shows just how an ingenious creation can make millions.  

Growing up can be difficult, but with some positive celebrity role models, future generations can learn about female empowerment, taking control of their future, and growing confidence. Whether it is accessorising to compliment your personality or creating a beauty empire, there’s plenty that young people can learn from these influential women.  

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.