Digital Nomad Land: The Destinations UK Expats are Working From

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work. While pre-2020 only saw 27% of people able to work remotely, it is now estimated that 62% of workers in the UK are now full-time hybrid working, which means time is split between the office and home. In fact, many UK companies are now implementing a “Work from Anywhere” policy, which allows employees to work from anywhere in the world. 

With more freedom than ever before, it can be hard to decide the best places to work. Luckily, Wizz Air has put together the top five places to work, based on their average broadband speeds, cost of living, rent and weather.


Whether you work best outside, soaking up the sun, or prefer to balance your busy schedule with various museum trips and visits to Michelin-starred eateries, Madrid offers something for every type of digital Nomad. Not only will working in Madrid mean you get to experience the Spanish tradition of a mid-afternoon siesta but what better zoom background is there than one that offers Roman ruins and manicured parks. With 33 million square metres of parkland, Madrid is the perfect city to choose if you work best outdoors.

Madrid is also incredibly easy and inexpensive to reach, with cheap flights to Spain easy to find.  

Average cost of living (monthly, without rent): £559

Average monthly rent: £701

Average broadband speed: 98.27 Mbps

Time difference from the UK: +1 hour


Oslo, Norway, is a beautiful Scandinavian city that blends tradition with contemporary architecture. As an economic hub, with more and more tech companies choosing Oslo to start their business, Oslo is the perfect city for workers who don’t want to feel too far away from a working environment. However, don’t be put off by the idea that Oslo is all about working hard. Oslo recently ranked top for best cities for work/life balance in the whole world. Although Oslo is one of the more expensive cities to live, getting there will not cost too much money as flights are inexpensive, especially from the UK. In addition, Oslo is a culturally rich city with plenty of free or cheap activities to keep you busy.

Average cost of living (monthly): £878

Average monthly rent: £1066

Average broadband speed: 82.48 Mbps

Time difference from the UK: +1 hour


As one of the oldest cities in the world, with continuous inhabitation since 5000 B.C, Athens boasts an incredibly rich and fascinating history. Athens is particularly appealing to history lovers, who could easily spend hours soaking up its architecture, history and art. Athens is also incredibly well connected, both for getting around the city by metro or by foot, but also with its ferry port which can take you to numerous islands off the coast to explore Greece further. Finally, there are numerous city beaches near Athens that host crystal blue waters and silky sandy beaches.

Average cost of living (monthly): £463

Average monthly rent: £436

Average broadband speed: 29 Mbps

Time difference from the UK: +2 hours


As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a great choice for remote workers who are seeking a more affordable place to live while working. Abu Dhabi offers something for everyone, with luxurious shopping, access to green spaces and white-sand beaches. If you need a break from working, then this city has numerous opportunities for adventure and adrenaline-pumping activities. From sand dunes that are just outside the city, to diving in the Arabian Gulf and spotting the super-tanker that sank after an onboardfire, there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy after work. 

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Average cost of living (monthly): £503

Average monthly rent: £1700

Average broadband speed: 151.14 Mbps

Time difference from the UK: +3 hours


Rome is a wonderfully diverse city that is small enough for you to easily walk around and experience. From rich history and art to delicious food and drink, Rome is a culturally rich city that provides the perfect backdrop to working from home. Rome is an especially good work from home destination as there are numerous publicly funded Wi-Fi networks across the city, meaning you can work from Villa Doria Pamphili, the largest landscaped public park in Rome or work right across from the Colosseum.

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