How to Maintain Your Energy When Pitching a Business Idea

Your attitude when presenting a business idea to potential investors matters a lot. You want everyone to listen to you until the end. Of course, it’s a challenge to maintain high spirits, especially if there are only a few people in the room. You will also see people’s reactions and get discouraged. However, realise that your chance of succeeding increases with a positive attitude. Here’s how you can maintain energy until the end of your long presentation.

Pace yourself

While you want to start the presentation with a bang, don’t use up your energy at once. Try pacing yourself. Your discussion could take about an hour or so. You don’t want to look exhausted towards the end. Remember that the listeners will receive your energy. If you lack energy, they might think you’re not interested. They might even think you can’t lead a team and succeed in running a business.

Believe in your ideas

Sometimes, it’s hard to fake enthusiasm. You can pretend that you like your business ideas, but your investors will see through you. They will know if you’re not confident with what you’re putting out there. Hence, it helps if you only start pitching if you believe your ideas will succeed. 

Use visual aids

When it comes to presentations, relying solely on verbal communication can be challenging. After all, it’s difficult to sustain the same level of enthusiasm for over an hour without any visual aids. To make your presentations more engaging and compelling, visual aids such as projectors can be of great help. You can make your life even easier by using a projector ceiling bracket to ensure that your projector stays in place throughout the presentation. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your presentation, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging content. For recommendations on the best projectors in the market and other useful information, be sure to check out Projectors Land – a blog dedicated to helping readers make informed purchase decisions.

Don’t let facial reactions get to you

You might see these investors seemingly not interested in what you say. They might even look like they’re about to doze off. Never feel discouraged by what you see. It’s natural for them to look uninterested in your ideas. The truth is they’re still processing the information. Give them time to evaluate your pitch and decide. If you get discouraged, it’s easy for your energy to decline. 

Think about positive results

The pitch can go either way. There’s no guarantee that you will succeed. The investors might look eager, but they eventually say no. Things will be running in your head as you discuss your ideas. Let them go. Negative thoughts won’t help you as you present. Wait until the end of the pitch before thinking about how things went. If you wish to think ahead, make it more positive. Envision yourself working with these people as you commence your business. These thoughts will help you succeed in maintaining high spirits.

Again, you can’t feel down and nervous while pitching ideas. The investors can sense your energy even if they are across the room. They can also tell how sincere you are with your pitch. Hopefully, things work out well. If not, find out what went wrong and try to do better.

Sarah Landrum

Sarah Landrum recently graduated from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR. Now, she's a freelance writer and career blogger sharing advice on navigating the work world and achieving happiness and success in your career. You can find her tweeting on her coffee breaks @SarahLandrum