Simple Tips to Help Professionals Become More Successful

During a 20-year career in senior roles within global organisations, I’ve been fortunate to work with top performers and exceptional leaders. I made it a habit to observe and learn from others’ successes and mistakes (often obsessing a bit too much about my own mistakes).

Today I help individuals to take their career and life to the next level (whatever that means for them). I wanted to share with others how I achieved success in my executive career, and as an entrepreneur. I offer a very focussed and unique coaching solution, which creates improvements in all parts of a persons’ life.

Education, specialised knowledge and relevant experience are accepted as the 3 main ingredients to a successful career. With the right attitude and work ethic, most people advance gradually through the corporate world until they reach their desired status, or they plateau. This is where I can help, since so many of us plateau due to pre-conceived ideas or believe that we have achieved as much as we can.

In everyday life we see a select few individuals who excel and thrive and achieve more than many of us even dream of achieving. So, why do some people achieve success, and many do not? Why do some people progress more quickly than others? Why are there people with less education, knowledge & experience who enjoy massive success?

There’s a 4th ingredient! It’s not taught in schools and professional development programmes usually miss the mark. Successful people have elements of this 4th ingredient but it’s usually not something they are consciously aware of.  If they were, their success would go through the roof!

When we observe successful people, great leaders and high achievers, we tend to assume they have been blessed with gifts that the masses missed out on and can’t learn. More confidence, more charisma, better vision…

But we all have the 4th ingredient. All we have to do is learn how to activate and strengthen it. This is about learning how to use the mental equipment we were all born with and below I have put together a few tips on how you can do this.

1) It isn’t always about working harder. Release your strangle hold on the idea that you have to work hard to control outcomes. The belief that, when things aren’t going well, you must work harder, and harder, and harder.  There’s a point of diminishing return looming!

2) Embrace the idea that you do not have control of everything. Once you accept this fact you can start understanding that you don’t need to, which means you can begin expanding your horizons.

3) Meditate and practice gratitude. Meditation is often perceived as a bit of a cliché in the wellness space, but it can be a hugely powerful tool and help change your mindset. Appreciate what you have now, and unashamedly go for more. Let friends and colleagues know you are thankful.

4) Journaling. Writing things down gets it out of your head and onto paper, where it can be looked upon objectively. Write about your intentions for the day, the week, the year. Write about the type of person you are becoming, anchoring into continuous progress.

5) Do something you love every day. Paint, read, play the guitar, do some gardening, even stare at the wall if that is what you enjoy.

6) Move every morning. Ideally exercise. Ideally outside. Ideally get some sunlight and remember to study – Read something uplifting and empowering every morning (even 10 minutes a day adds up).

7) Get sociable. Phone your best friend, join a community to engage with new people, email a stranger you admire and strike up a conversation, say good morning to everyone you pass.

I am a ‘mentor on a mission’ and I can help guide you towards an exceptional life and results.  Look, I don’t know how else to say it.  When you work with me, your life improves. This is for you, your business, your career, leaders, teams & their employees.

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By Lorna Dunning – Personal & Professional Development Coach