Coronavirus and Your Career – What You Need To Know

The coronavirus pandemic started out as a problem in some parts of China and over time, the problem is now a health pandemic all over the globe. Whether we like it or not, the corona pandemic will create changes in the way we work and live for a long time. Businesses have closed as a result. Unemployment and layoffs are rampant thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people have orders to stay at home.

Not surprisingly, people are looking at their career options, especially those that are self-employed. Video conferencing is now a household name as people work from the comfort of their homes.

Sadly, many small businesses have no option but to lay off their staff. Human resource professionals agree that many will need to have a career change after the pandemic. Retail clothing chains, department stores, airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses are having a difficult time financially. The stimulus package from different governments is set to help ease the pressure. 

What Alternatives Are There?

It will be crucial for you if you lose your job to learn of jobs you can do from home. Perhaps it will not be accessible at first, but these are uncertain times. Extra-ordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

The recession from this pandemic is quickly creeping in. Stock markets are the ones suffering the most. Experts believe millions will disappear completely.

In the United States, around 80 million jobs are at risk. The effects are in not only schools, hotels, airlines, parks, and entertainment joints. Those businesses that provide services, including salons, laundry shops, coffee shops, and restaurants have no one to offer services.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high, and no one knows how long the pandemic will last. The corporate career is also unpredictable. Some industries are at high risk of going bankrupt. The corporate finance careers at stake include:

Leisure and Hospitality: Predictions from experts suggest that over a million jobs from this industry will be lost. Tourism and hotels are not getting the booking revenue. 

Transportation and Travel: According to data from CAPA center for aviation many of the major airlines will go bankrupt by June. Many flights around the globe simply cannot continue operating. Consequently, airline personnel and flight attendants will lose their jobs.

Help Services: People are saving up, and very few leave their homes. The result of a stay at home orders is the loss of employment for over a hundred thousand helpers. 

Extraction and Oil Drilling: There are information that paint a grim picture of the oil industry. Prices may fall to zero. Many people in this industry will most likely lose their jobs.

Sporting Industry: All the major sporting events around the globe are on hold. Sports require that many people congregate together. Governments insist on social distancing to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The National Careers service says that those that have college scholarships from sports are at a very high risk of losing their sponsorship.  

Nonetheless, there are specific industries that may shake off the short-term effects of the coronavirus. These industries will even be able to create new slots after the pandemic. Some of the sectors that will shake off the consequences are:

Manufacturing: The major problem is the breaking of the supply chain. The world is a global village, we depend on each other, and there is interdependence for raw materials and other factors in the production process. Borders are closing, and interaction between different countries is limited. Manufacturing will recover quickly after the health scare.

Retail and Food: As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, and people start to move more freely again, the food and retail industry will recover rather quickly. People have to eat lunch when they are at work and oftentimes turn to their go to spot around the corner, hence the quick movement of food items.

Career Switchers

When looking for new careers, do not be too engaged that you forget your own existence. Take a break and have some fun too.

Are you thinking about switching careers at this time? You need to be strategic not to end up in a worse situation. Follow the following strategies.

Focus on companies that will do well during the pandemic

For all career switchers, you need to focus on an industry that will do well during and after corona. Look for a position that will withstand the recession. Below are some jobs that will still do well despite the harsh economic times:

  1. Security and health care
  2. Government jobs
  3. Business consulting
  4. Digital tasks ( website design, software design, computer system, digital marketing)

Accept a pay cut

You need to be willing to compromise on your job position and accept a lower salary. After all, these are hard times, and you need to have something to do. There is room for growth once everything settles down.

Use your existing networks

Unfortunately, the current system you have will be of little help when looking for new career topics. Look for your acquaintances and former college buddies. Talk to be people in the industry that you are interested in. It will come as a surprise how old bridges will help you cross to the other side in these uncertain times.

Update your social media platforms

Updating your social media platforms may seem obvious, but you need to seek new experiences. Build on new skills and engage in online courses that might help you learn how to choose a career. Many platforms are crucial and assist you in selecting the best and most rewarding job.

There are different work from home online jobs you can choose from and earn some good money during these uncertain times. For instance, you can try these:


Translation is one of the jobs you can do from home. As a translator, you will efficiently work from home. The most basic requirement will be proficiency in at least two languages. It requires minimal training to learn how to translate, and within a short period, you will be earning.

Web developer

It is quite easy to develop a website. You should take advantage of the time at home to learn how to do it from the online platforms. However, you need not stress, as developers will do it for you at an affordable price. You can sell your products and services quickly once the website is running.

Things are changing at a high rate, and you have so much to consider. Now is the time to prepare for how your work life would change. Jobs all over the world are at risk, and you need to keep tabs with the happenings to survive these trying times.

Do you have any other ideas for working from home or creating employment? Share with us in the comments belowwe’d love to hear from you!

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