Why Corporate Custom Badges May be the Best Promotional Tool

You have probably heard it before…It’s not what you know but whom you know. Being a business owner this couldn’t be more true. Getting your brand out there and establishing fruitful new relationships can be key to business success, or at the very least business growth. So go to networking events, exhibitions and functions, meet a ton of people, charm them with your cocktail party conversation and keep in touch. You also want to make sure they remember you, your work and your company. This is equally important. Business cards are still extremely useful but another way to brand yourself to ensure you are being remembered is with branded button badges. These are not only economical but also versatile. 

The pocket-friendly buttons are great to pass a message across for both individuals and businesses; easy to use, fun and visible unlike many other promotional options. These are just some of the reasons as to why button badges are gaining popularity with businesses. This may seem very 1995 but badges are still very effective and useful, being used in many corporate campaigns and fundraising functions. Surely, business has become highly competitive and so, brand promotion is at an all-time high.

Badges can be used for a variety of purposes in a company. They are a great and inexpensive way of bringing attention to the company whether within or outside of the business premises. Here are a few ways in which custom badge can be utilized for business promotions.

Custom Badges for Marketing

Custom badges are cute, fun, visible, efficient, and creative. A well-designed badge will find willing wearers and others will take an interest and make enquiries. A custom badge helps your customers to identify with, recognize, and remember your brand. Badges worn by a sales team are hard to miss.

Custom badges are therefore the perfect solution for marketing both within and outside of the firm. They are small in size but their significance goes beyond their size.

Distinguishing Between Positions and Departments

There are companies that use custom badges to show rank within the company. Others customise their badges according to departments within the company. You may walk into a company and find employees wearing badges in different designs, sizes, or colours to show different positions or even departments.

Badges as Gifts or to Mark Occasions

Employees may be presented with special Rocketbadge custom badges to mark special occasions such as achieving a major milestone or an anniversary. Employees who have performed exceptionally well may also be presented with special badges as rewards for their good work.

In addition, badges can be awarded to depict mood. It may be a source of laughter within the company, and this creates camaraderie within the office make the workplace more fun.

Whichever way a brand chooses to use their custom badges, the end result is an advertisement. A badge will rarely go unnoticed and anyone you come across while wearing one will want to know the significance or reason behind wearing the badge.

Custom Badges as Gifts for the Customer

Badges are an effective communication tool at a networking event or inside of the business premises. A customer feels appreciated when they are presented with a custom badge as appreciation for their support. They feel ‘seen’ and special when the company recognizes them as a valued customer.In addition, you can pass them around to visitors who visit your stall during exhibitions. The visitors will remember your brand and will be more likely to visit your business premises to make a purchase or place an order online.

A beautifully-designed custom badge with the company emblem or logo as well as the company colours makes an appropriate presentation of your business. This gives businesses an effective way to advertise as well as promote their brand.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.