Use Instagram Analytics to Increase Traffic to Your Fashion Site

Instagram typically doesn’t have as many built-in and in-depth tracking systems as you’ll find when using Facebook. And it is exactly for this reason that you will need to be a little bit more strategic and planned while working its analytics to determine the performance of your posts and make the necessary adjustments to increase traffic to your site. Especially when dealing with fashion products you’ll need to make sure your products are showcased in the best possible way.

Since Instagram isn’t solely limited for personal use only, several fashion brands have grabbed the opportunity to promote their products through this platform. So all you have to do to go down the same route, would be to switch to a Business Account in order to get access to a limited set of analytics.

Some of these analytics include:

You can access these by clicking on the View Insights option that is located below your uploaded images and videos.

In addition you can also track a few other things that will help you craft your plan accordingly to ensure you have a steady flow of traffic to your website. One of these things is the time spent on ad campaigns. All these metrics may be helpful but these are limited to individual campaigns and posts.

Use of third party apps

There are also a few other in-depth Instagram metrics that you should know about, and that you can access using third party apps. Two of the most useful apps would be the Iconosquare app as well as Simply Measured. These apps will allow you to track all of the additional metrics such as:

  • The Instagram followers
  • Engagement over time
  • Optimal post time and 
  • Performance

All of these metrics are based on the previous posts and are compared with a few selected competitors. These individual metrics that you can track on Instagram may vary depending on the goals and objectives of your business.

When you keep an eye on the engagement of the users that like and comment your pics and videos, you will be able to determine the number of followers you have over time. If you post valuable content on your Instagram account it will undoubtedly steadily gain more followers, traffic and engagement.

The basic metrics

You may not want to spend the cash required to access more in-depth analytics tools but it is important that you know of and use at least the basic metrics. This will help you to make sure that your Instagram account is growing as well as performing as well as it is expected.

Instagram advertising

This is perhaps the most important and popular metric of the fashion industry that offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience. However, these ads are not very obvious or disruptive as your typical ad would be. This is because the Instagram ads appear in feeds just like any other post. Nevertheless, these ads provide the fashion brands with the most natural way to encourage their users to learn more about their brand or product.

To create an Instagram ad you will set it up through the ad platform of Facebook. Once that is done after creating an account you will need to:

  • Select a current post on Instagram that you would like to post to create or boost a new one in Facebook Ad Manager
  • You will also have to claim your Instagram Business account so that it is linked to your Facebook page

In order to claim your Instagram account you will then need to go to your Business Manager. Here you will find the menu where you’ll need to follow this process in this order:

  • Click on Instagram Accounts
  • Then click on Claim Instagram Account
  • Add your account information and 
  • Lastly click on Next

In addition to that you will also have to choose an objective of your campaign and name it cleverly as well.

Facebook offers many different choices but few are included in Instagram advertising as your option. That is why you will need to make the best pick to ensure that you are on the right track. A few of these options are:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views and 
  • Conversions

Once you have selected the objective you will be prompted to name the ad set. However, if you select the Traffic option then you will be prompted to select an end point for your traffic. As far as Facebook is concerned you will get a choice to pick between an app and a website.

Next, you must target your ad with the demographic as well as the psychographic factors that includes elements such as:

  • The age
  • The gender
  • The location
  • The language
  • The work
  • The financial status
  • The behaviors
  • The connections

In this context you can also load the demographics of the previouslyused custom audiences.

Edit placements

Lastly, you should select Edit Placements under the placements options and then choose Instagram below the available platforms. This is an important step that you shouldn’t rush by at any cost. If you do then your ad will show up on Facebook only and not on Instagram. It is for this reason you are required to make sure that you select no other platform other than Instagram.

After you select Instagram as your placement, you will be prompted to set a budget and schedule for your ad. It is best to set a daily spend budget for your ad or a lifetime budget. Make sure that you mark the start and end dates of your campaign. If you do not set the time and budget then your ad will run for an indefinite period on the allocated daily budget.

Next, you must set up the ad content that will run to boost any existing post or upload your new content. Thanks to Instagram, you can create Single Image, Video Ads, Story Ads or Carousel Ads according to your choice and need.

All these will ultimately maximize ad delivery and once your ad is creative an uploaded accordingly you can place an order and begin running your first Instagram ad campaign for your fashion site!

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