Tips to Avoid Stress When You Decide to Volunteer Abroad

Your decision to be a volunteer abroad is an excellent idea. Not only will you be helping others who need your knowledge and skills, but you will also be improving yourself, your growth as an individual and your CV. In the process, you will also learn from the people you meet and perhaps even making some new friends along the way. You will understand other people’s hardships and realise that you have so much to give.

Although it seems like volunteering abroad is all fun and games, the truth is that it can also be somewhat stressful. To begin with, you will be away from your family. You will also be in an environment which is not as comfortable as the one you’re used to living in your home city or town. And remember that you are there to work and help, not vacationing so you cannot just go around taking selfies and call it a day. These tips will help you stay relaxed and stress-free until the end of your volunteer experience.

Research before going

The reason why many people who volunteer can feel a tad frustrated is that they did not know what to expect upon arrival. Some simply thought it would be like a regular family holiday. If you want to avoid negative surprises, you need to conduct thorough research to really know what you are getting yourself into. Read information about the place where you will be volunteering. Understand the nature of the organisation you joined for this programme. Read the detailed job description you received when you decided to sign up. You will not feel shocked upon arrival when you already know what should happen.

Constantly communicate with your family 

Your family is your rock, and you need to lean on them wherever you go. Find out how you can remain in close contact with them even when you are away. Choose a programme where you can visit places that have Internet access or where there is a reliable mobile network service. Some areas are so remote that international communication is not possible. 

Enjoy the place and the people 

Do not feel burdened by the idea that you are working without pay and you have to be away from home. Instead of focusing on the negatives, you can direct your attention to the people and place. Enjoy the beauty of the new place where you are staying for the next few months or year. You should also have fun with the people you are going to work with and learn from each other. They are your temporary family now, and you need to treat them like one

Sign up for a role you can fulfil

Another reason why some people feel stressed when volunteering is that they simply signed up for the wrong programme. It did not match their skills and interests. If you wish to enjoy the experience, you need to find one that suits you or at least be willing to learn. Even if the job seems harsh, you will not feel burdened by it.

Now that you know how you can manage stress during your volunteer experience, it is time to sign up. You can volunteer abroad with Frontier if you want a reliable organisation which will enrich your skills and knowledge. Read about the programme and what to expect if you decide to volunteer.

Riya Sander

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