Why Customer Experience is Becoming a Priority for Businesses

A happy customer is more likely to return to a business than an unhappy one. It seems obvious, therefore, that consumer satisfaction features in most company plans.

Whilst agencies like Cab Direct have always prioritised excellent brand user experience, directors across industries are now beginning to list this as essential for growth.

So, what’s the cause of this? We explore the key reasons behind this shift in strategy.

The Social Media Effect

The rise of social media over the past decade has enabled people to share their opinions and stories with more people than ever. That’s right, companies can no longer find comfort in the fact that one voice can’t stretch that far. Because thanks to the internet, it can.

What better way is there to complain about poor customer service than through a viral video? Just look at how United Airlines suffered when a passenger posted a clip of their unpleasant experience online.

Although social media may not be a perfect medium, it is often a force for positive change. In regard to the business world, it’s actually encouraging agencies to listen and respond to customers’ needs and preferences.

Online Reviews

Like social media, online review sites can exert a huge influence over a company’s overall revenue and growth. In fact, 90% of customers read reviews of businesses within their local area before they visit or invest in them.

When it comes to finding the right channel for this, owners and directors have a multitude of platforms to choose from. To identify which one is most effective for securing customers within a specific industry, googling “industry name reviews” can prove immensely worthwhile.

A lot of the time, a positive review can mean the difference between growth and slump for an agency.

Constant Customer Demand

Today, securing a successful online reputation is the main focus of 68% of marketers – and it’s easy to see why. An impactful website can increase customer engagement in a brand enormously.

But this also results in a higher level of demand. Whether it’s through Twitter, Instagram or another social media channel, those interested in the online branch of a company will expect immediate answers to their enquiries.

That’s because these platforms – and the internet in general – usually deliver instant results to users. And so, the same will be expected of any service that goes online. As these are the places where unsatisfied consumers are most likely to voice their disdain, agencies are making sure to please customers on as well as off the page.

Internet Shopping Support

Giving customers the opportunity to shop online is a good way to generate profits for companies. Apparently, however, over 50 percent of internet shoppers don’t follow through with their intended purchase.

However, a way to guarantee that customers do buy products is through online shopping assistance, in the form of a live chat tool or guides tailored to each visitor to the site.

Yet again, business revenue and popularity growth relate directly to the internet. And, ultimately, to pleasing clients as much as possible.

The customer may not always be right, but their approval of a service can be paramount for its success. Given the increasing influence of the internet, it is easier than ever for companies to provide their users with a satisfying experience.

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been working hard running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 4 years. Dried mangos, Starbucks and runs through Hyde Park get this Londoner through the day.

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