No Elfish Behaviour Here! Brits Set to Spend £273 MILLION on Secret Santa Gifts For Their ‘Fun’ Colleagues

It’s that time of year again, where festive fun takes over the workplace and you need to think of the ideal gift for your assigned Secret Santa colleague.

According to a recent survey from family-run greetings card retailer, Love Layla Designs, a massive 71% of workplaces are expected to take part in tradition this Christmas. Each participant plans to spend an average of £11.94, meaning as a whole, the nation is set to fork out up to £273 million on gifts for fellow workers.

Despite the rather large expense, it seems it’s a welcome bit of workplace bonding; 60% of Brits claim they enjoy working with their current colleagues. When asked how they’d best describe their teammates, the top 5 responses were:

1. Fun (49%)

2. Hard Working (41%)

3. Caring (32%)

4. Gossipy (28%)

5. Talented (24%)

Research into online search terms revealed that ‘funny’ gifts are by far the most sought after, while ‘gifts for her’ were much more searched for than ‘gifts for him’.

If you’re one of the 71% frantically looking for a worthy £10 Secret Santa gift this Christmas, the team at Love Layla Designs have created a fool-proof (and tongue-in-cheek) guide to 5 ‘typical’ workplace personalities, and you’ll find the ideal presents for them over on

Love Layla designs, print and produce cards that are realistic, hilarious and not full of bullshit! With matching badges, balloons, wrapping paper and wine labels, they create a full set of banter giving gifts.

Behind the business is a team of 5 family members. Stacey started the business as a small Graphic Design boutique after being made redundant from her previous employment as she started Maternity leave back in October 2014. After creating and designing 11 designs for Valentine’s Day back in January 2015, the business grew rapidly through social media and family and friends started to step in to help through the busy time.

Director and co-Founder at Love Layla Designs, Stacey Dennis, said: “The run-up to Christmas is often the most fun-filled time of year at work, but the pressure of buying a gift for someone you might not know that well can be stressful. We approach Secret Santa in the same way we do most things – with humour!

“A cheeky mug or a funny badge are an easy win, or if you know the person well, you can push boundaries you might not be able to get away with at any other time of year. If you’re still not sure, there’s always a novelty pen.”

Krysta Jakson

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