Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

Business travel is something of an art form for people who travel regularly for their career. Most people have a routine that they follow for every trip and almost nothing catches them off guard. They’re seasoned travelers and have seen it all.

Perfecting the art of packing takes a little skill and forethought. Preventing hold-ups at security takes a little practice, and knowing exactly how long it takes to get from your office to your gate is something you learn by doing. If you’re newer to the world of business travel, we’re happy to share a few tips to hack your trip.


If you travel frequently, having a suitcase already packed is a great way to make travel easier. Keep a pair of work clothes, pajamas, toiletries, and tech cords in a suitcase that you can grab at a moment’s notice. After returning home, just restock and refresh the bag and you’ll be ready for your next trip. Hot tip: Place a dryer sheet in the bag to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Hack Your Pack

Things like ties and sashes wrinkle quickly, and ironing at your hotel can be a hassle. Roll your ties up gently and put them inside a tube, or even a toilet paper roll, to keep them looking pressed when you arrive at your destination. To keep jewellery neat, stash rings and earrings into a daily pill organiser. It’ll help preventing scratching and make pieces easy to find.

Go Elite

If you’re traveling constantly, upgrading your travel plans will be well worth the extra cost. Bypassing security lines and service charges, upgrading seats, and getting priority boarding will make your constant travel a little more enjoyable.

Reply, Reply, Reply

It can be hard to keep up on your email when you’re in the office, heading to meetings, and doing other work. Flying can be the perfect time to catch up, as you will be undisturbed by meetings and other ad hoc tasks.

Prep for Overseas Adventures

Having an issue with your passport can completely derail a trip, so be certain it’s is up to date long before it’s time to go. Be sure you know what other documents may be needed, such as a visa.

Something else to keep in mind when traveling internationally is currency! Often times, the lowest currency exchange rate is via the ATM at your destination. Just be sure to alert your bank and credit card companies before you leave the country so your cards don’t get frozen once you’re overseas. Lastly, make sure you have a power adapter to charge your cell phone and other electronics.

Find a Place to Park It

Trying to read through all the different signs at an airport parking lot can be a nightmare. Simplify this process by using a parking service. Once you park, they’ll drop you at the airport entrance, and pick you up when you return. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your car because the lots are secured and monitored.

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