Is Multi-Level Marketing a Viable Career Path?

You will have, at some point, come into contact with a multi-level marketing company. Whether that was a friend recommending their favourite nutritional supplements or an individual asking if you’d be interested in joining their network. You may already have an opinion on network marketing, or perhaps you’re curious as to how it works and if you can actually earn any money from it.

Multi-level marketing is indeed a good career for the right person. As with any business you need to invest time and effort to achieve results. If you think you can make a quick buck then it might be time to re-consider but if you’re an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to run a successful business then keep on reading…

With new technologies, and the internet creating a whole host of money-making opportunities, it’s no surprise that the way in which we work has shifted to a more flexible approach. The traditional 9 to 5 is no longer the only way to pay our bills. There’s now an abundance of home-based and on-the-go possibilities presenting chances for a new stream of income. Whether you’re a stay at home parent who still wants to earn an income, or perhaps you want to supplement your existing earnings to help pay the mortgage or travel, there are opportunities out there for you!

Multi-level marketers are essentially business owners. It’s a career which can be extremely rewarding but hard work too. Nothing good ever comes easy so you must be willing to put in the hours to build a successful network. One reason many turn to multi-level marketing is to become their own boss with the support of an already established brand. So what are people’s main curiosities with this job? Are there any financial tie ins? Am I in control of how my business is run? Does it cost a lot of money to setup? These are just some of the murmurs of scepticism which surround multi-level marketing and this doubt is simply based on misinformation!

There are many positives for heading into a multi-level marketing career, and below are just some of the best.

Start-Up Costs

It’s a common misconception that the outlay is expensive to setup your own business with a MLM company. Well it does pay to do your homework here, as many companies do in fact require you to give a fee to join, or require you to purchase some form of starter kit. There is one notable exception to this however: starting your own business with an established brand such as Lifeplus, is simple and free. You don’t need to invest in any equipment, there are no risks, no barriers, no fees or clauses, no targets and absolutely no requirements to buy stock to sell on. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Flexible Working Lifestyle

One of the joys of multi-level marketing is the flexibility it offers. You are your own boss and in charge of your own schedule. You decide when you want to work and how often. It is very much dependant on your long term goals. Do you want this to be a career or just a side hobby? Some people have turned this into their full-time income and live a life they never dreamed possible. Others are happy to view it as an income boost, adding to their pension pot or paying for the next holiday. Whatever it may be, there’s no denying this is a flexible way of earning money.

Uncapped Earning Potential  

As a multi-level marketing associate at Lifeplus your opportunities for income are solely down to your own goals and targets and you are rewarded by helping others to succeed. Your earnings are down to the effort you put in and your determination to make your business a success. Whether you deem success as turning this into your sole income or simply as a top-up.

An Established Brand

One of the bonuses of joining a well-known multi-level marketing company is the existing credibility and abundance of resources at your disposal. Lifeplus associates benefit from a whole host of marketing materials, top tips and even an app to track their business. You select which tools are right for you and benefit from ongoing support every step of the way.

Does this sound appealing to you? Whilst there are many benefits to becoming a multi-level marketer there are also other factors which will help your business to become a success.

Great Self-Motivation

Being your own boss is pretty great but it does come with downsides. It can be lonely and difficult at times which is why the Lifeplus business community encourages its associates to work with each other and share experiences and knowledge. Self-motivation doesn’t come naturally to some yet it is a trait that can be worked on and improved. After all, you are now in control of your pay check and you need to be on your A-game!

Trust Built on Quality Products

The most successful people in multi-level marketing are those with a genuine belief and love for the products they are recommending. Lifeplus is passionate about creating superior quality nutritional products and first started distributing them through healthcare practitioners in the US. However, it was demand from people recommending the products, after they had tried them that set the company on the path of multi-level marketing. The company has continued to grow through the simple principle of ‘word of mouth’ backed up by exceptional products.  Authenticity is so important for consumers, as they will listen to your personal experiences before they try your products. So ideally you should share the same ethos and passion for the brand you are advocating. Whilst this is not an absolute must it most definitely helps.

Learning New Skills

To take your business to the next level, and become a successful entrepreneur, being open-minded when it comes to learning is a must for success. You should be open to learning new skills, brushing up on your existing talents and supporting others in your community.

The opportunities are out there so why not see where life as your own boss could take you? You never know until you try and Lifeplus is a fantastic route to having your own business without any financial risk.

By: Tracy McBride

Tracy McBride is the International Marketing Director for Lifeplus. Her 20 year career has taken her from business development, to brand consultancy and now to marketing. As a sub four-hour marathoner she can often be seen pounding the streets. When the running shoes are off Tracy keeps busy transforming a once sleeping giant in health and wellness into an inspirational global brand.