5 Tips For Employers to Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace

UK businesses are facing a stress epidemic. According to research by Workfront, the leading Enterprise Work Management solution, four out of five office workers confessed that they feel burnt out and 73% expect their stress levels at work to increase in the near future. With these problems having a direct impact on work-life balance, morale and productivity, it’s imperative that businesses act fast and decisively.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and so we give you 5 practical tips to reduce work related stress in employees.

1. Ensure each project has a plan

57% of workers stated that poor planning and lack of organisation was a major stressor. Employers need to make sure employees are equipped with the tips do proper planning ahead of starting a project.

2. Reward employees with time off

Outside of financial rewards, 60% of employees want more time off. If employees are working overtime on a specific project and out of the normal work hours, it would be a good idea to offer them time in lieu to ensure they’re enjoying a solid work life balance.

3. Empower employees in the decision making process

44% of workers want more involvement in decision making to ensure they get their say and can help steer the project to ensure they are successful. Getting their input early on can ensure any worries they have can be minimised early on.

4. Have clear processes in place

23% of workers stated that a lack of standard processes for work increased their stress levels. Furthermore, 42% of office workers put in 6 or more hours of overtimes every week because of bad work processes. Employers must ensure that clear processes are in place and that they are communicated to all employees.

5. Foster transparency and open communication

57% of workers cited a ‘lack of communication and visibility into the work done by others’ as a major pain point leading to stress in the workplace. Businesses can counter this by introducing work management tools that promote visibility on the progress of work being done and encouraging a workplace culture of transparency and honesty.

The full report can be viewed here.

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