How to Submit a Scoring Essay When You’re Not a Great Writer

You can stay up all night hard at work on an essay, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a good grade. Researching your chosen topic in advance can help, but you also have to have solid writing skills to make your essay poignant. You should identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses before submitting an essay, so they can all be addressed.

In other words, if you have a habit of rambling and missing the point in your writing, make efforts to narrow down your main focus. If you have issues with syntax and grammar, don’t just shrug your shortcomings off – use software to check your essay for run-on sentences and awkward phrasing before your tutor points it out.

Make Your Outline

Organisation is really critical when you’re writing an essay, whether you have superb or subpar writing skills. Outlines will keep your writing tighter and more concise. Creating an outline will also prevent you from getting stuck on what to write next. When using an outline, include an introduction and a conclusion so that your essay comes out being well written and properly thought out. Remember that your outline can be as rough or detailed as it needs for you to improve your writing. Type out your outline and use it as a guide when creating the first rough draft of your essay.

Include Your Research and Resources

Good essays don’t just present opinions, they also state facts. Whether your essay is on the reason why global warming is a real danger to humanity or provides a short summation of ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,’ you should include quotes, footnotes, and citations wherever you can. Including citations and quotes will also give you an opportunity to re-read your sources, so you don’t inadvertently end up plagiarising. Professors teaching college level classes know that essays that come with adequate citations tend to be more carefully thought out.

Proofread Your Work

Even when you believe that you are done writing your essay, there are several more steps to complete. First, you have to proofread your essay to look for simple and avoidable errors. You’ll find misspellings, comma splices, grammatical issues and even small problems with formatting on your first read through of your essay. After that, you should edit your essay for clarity, breaking compound sentences up into shorter chunks of information that can understood by the reader.

You could also consider the option of hiring an academic essay writing service. This type of service will be able to work to your deadlines and proofreading will be a guaranteed part of the package, so you needn’t worry about errors in your essay. If you’re wanting to learn more about essay writing services, you can find the necessary information at

Good essays aren’t written quickly and if you don’t consider yourself to be a prolific writer, you should get to work as soon as you can. In other words, spent time working on your essay in advance, creating an essay, researching various sources, and then checking your work after your writing is complete. Your final essay might not be perfect, but it will not look like the work of an amateur. Hand in a few essays that you have worked diligently on and you will receive helpful feedback from teachers in the areas that you can most improve your future work.

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