5 Signs Your Office Hates You

Dreading Monday mornings? Feeling exhausted at work? Not getting on with your colleagues? Failing to hit targets? It could be your office that is to blame, not you!

Increasingly, classical Feng Shui is being applied to small and large businesses alike, as people are realising that spatial energy affects our performance.

Sarah McAllister  Founder of FENG SHUI AGENCY has transformed the corporate offices of companies such as Red Bull, Bartercard, London Calling and Smiley, to improve their employee’s output.

Here Sarah highlights 5 signs that your office hates you, and tips on how to make it love you!

1. YOUR HEART SINKS WHEN YOU ENTER THE SPACE – a dimly lit or cluttered reception is such an energy drag. It sounds obvious, but it is the first impression for your employees and at times for your clients, so you must have a space that is free of clutter and feels uplifting and well-organised.

Up-lighters help immensely, but don’t use these in your office space unless you have cleared your clutter first otherwise it will only make the feeling of confusion worse!

2. YOU FEEL DRAINED CONSTANTLY AT WORK – usually this is due to too much electro smog from computers, printers, wifi etc. Sitting on a chair cover with magnets in it and wearing magnetic insoles or magnetic jewellery can really help protect you from electromagnetic stress on your body.

3. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A COLD / COUGH – almost always, this is due to poor quality air. This can be much remedied by adding a really good ioniser near you and making sure you get some exercise to circulate your energy.

4. YOU ARE ALWAYS FEELING UNDERMINED – if you’re feeling undermined or someone else always takes credit for your work, it is likely that your desk position is being really unsupportive. Make sure your seat has as high a back as possible and ideally that you have a wall or a cabinet behind you as this protects the kidney and boosts energy and also means you will be more relaxed and confident.  

5. YOU STRUGGLE WITH SALES TARGETS – this means something is stuck in the layout and there is very little natural light, natural energy and very little vitality chi, which is so important to keep the energy of a business or shop moving and flowing healthily. In particular, the South-East direction is crucial for a business.

Never move into a unit with the South-East sector missing. And keep the South-East sector clutter free. This is where you your sales staff need to work.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.

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