A Look At Successful Women In A Male Dominated Industry

Gambling seems to be an industry which is completely over saturated with men. Men currently dominate the gambling industry with 82% of players being male and only 18% being female. Even looking into the preferences of men and women when it comes to gambling, it has long been identified as a recreational game which is aimed at men. This gender gap is very apparent in every way in this industry, However, a few women have worked to change that stereotype.

Molly Bloom is one of the women who changed the face of gambling and became a one-woman army by arranging some very illegal high-stake poker games. With her poker games  gaining interest from some very high profile celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Virginia McDowell is another woman who is breaking all gender stereotypes in gambling. She was named as one of the most influential women of the mid-market by CEO connection in 2015. Breaking the mould Virginia McDowell is, in fact, the first ever president and CEO of a major gaming company. With an impressive 35 years of experience with casinos and several accolades, she is also president and board chair holder of Global Gaming women.

Women can sometimes find it hard to find their place in male dominated industries, however, it is hoped that the gender gap will close. Women such as Virginia McDowell and Patricia Becker are helping to break down the gap and reign in equality.

Patricia Becker is famous for being one of the first women to have ever served on the Nevada gambling control board. She has used her vast knowledge and skills in gambling to help her gain many prominent positions while working for various casino companies. She also served on the international association of gaming advisors as counsellor. Proving women can break down the glass ceiling.

These three women are not the only ones who have been smashing the glass ceiling.  Eleanor Dumont was a prolific blackjack in 1860’s demolishing the glass ceiling before the saying was even coined.

These gaming gurus show that women can absolutely thrive in male dominated industries, and gambling is just one out of many more. While there may be a lower number of female gamblers when compared to male gamblers, this is not due to lack of ability. The dwindling numbers could be down to the fact that women are not allocated higher positions. Rather than going to women they are mostly given to men. This reason could be why more women choose to not engage in this activity. However, with the rise in online casinos and Bitcoin gambling sites, the gender gap is slowly beginning to close.

So, if you are a woman who love to gamble or love the idea of starting to play poker competitively don’t let fear restrict you from joining in.

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