Is a Career in Matchmaking For You?

Is a career in matchmaking for you?  


Let’s face it, doing the job of two people at work, whilst being exemplary parents AND having a fulfilling personal life in the city whereby we enjoy our hobbies, maintaining friendships and our relationship, volunteer in the community and keep in shape by going to the gym three times a week is darn near impossible, unless your alter ego is that of the bionic woman! Yet women are repeatedly berating themselves for failing at this kind of balancing act.

A report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) showed that women returning from maternity leave are more likely to face discrimination in the workplace than they were a decade ago. They estimate that around 54,000 new mothers are losing their jobs across Britain every year – almost twice the number identified in similar research undertaken in 2005.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Or now that you are a mum, is that feeling of dread of having go back to your high level job descending upon you? Gosh all this is a bit depressing, isn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be.

Have you often toyed with the idea of setting up your own business but never quite taken the plunge? New data released by Startup Direct, shows that the number of women over the age of 30 starting their own businesses increased by a third in 2014. This trend is being driven largely by ‘Returners’; women who have taken a career break to have a family and are motivated to start their own business due to the challenges of trying to balance being a parent and working full-time with little flexibility. Perhaps now is the ideal time for you to join the inspirational ‘Returners club’ and embark on a new venture that could ultimately provide you with the flexibility and that all important work/family life balance.


Are you a social personality who seems to attract people because of your genuine interest in others, your warmth and sense of humour? Do your friends consider you to be the consummate networker? In the workplace and amongst friends do you have that inherent knack of tuning into what really makes people tick? Do you quietly observe people in your social circle who seem to end up always with the wrong person because they are following their aesthetic nose all the time? If some of this resonates with you, then a career in matchmaking could be right up your street.

Matchmaking is not only one of the fastest growing industries but also a great career for flexible working. Imagine being able to work from the comfort of your home or in a cosy café or even whilst lying by the pool on holiday! You get to be your own boss, choose your own hours and enjoy the fulfilment of helping singles find their happily ever after.

As the industry has grown and progressed and found popularity through reality television, it is essential to ensure you are properly trained and accredited to add gravitas to your CV. The most respected bodies in the world of matchmaking is The Matchmaking Institute established in 2003 by Lisa Clampitt. It was founded with the intention of establishing a code of ethics and strict quality standards in the matchmaking industry. It strives to create a greater public and media awareness of the matchmaking industry. If a career in matchmaking is beginning to sound very appealing, you are in luck!

The great news is that the Matchmaking Institute is offering the world’s only recognised accredited training programme in London from 23 – 25 September 2016. The Matchmaking Institute will give you everything you need to set up your matchmaking business, including how to market and sell your services, and how to keep attracting the clients that will keep getting you paid. The training will be delivered by some of the matchmaking industry’s most successful and highly respected thought-leaders.

With a little investment in training you could begin to enjoy being paid to make other people’s dream relationship become a reality. What could be more rewarding?

Is a career in matchmaking for you?

For more information on embarking on a career in matchmaking and all you need to know about the training programme, click here


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