The Open University’s Top Tips For Getting Your Dream Career

The Open University’s top tips for getting your dream career

top tips for getting your dream career

Today is Blue Monday, coined by many as the most depressing day of the year. As New Year’s resolutions are slipping and the January struggle continues, The Open University’s Careers and Employability Services has pulled together its top tips if you’re looking to pursue your dream career in 2016:

1. Explore your interests:

Take a look at your existing interests and skills. Do you have a passion? Consider how you spend your free time and if you can see any patterns emerging. Are you a creative person or a practical thinker? Look at what you enjoy and begin to research careers that will allow you to explore your interests at work.

2. Think about your values:

When considering a change of career, it’s important that you make sure your work won’t conflict with your personal values. If family is important to you, make sure you still get to spend time with them or if you’d value more freedom at work, consider choosing a career with greater flexibility.

3. Consider the timings:

While it’s important to spend time thinking about your career, we understand that some people might want to find a new role a little faster than others. However, if you’re happy to play the long game, think about perhaps developing new skills while still in your current job.

4. Ensure it suits your lifestyle:

Your careers are important but so is life outside of work. Think about what level of sacrifice you might be prepared to make to pursue your dream.

5. Make the match!

Once you’ve found your dream career make sure you’re ready to succeed in securing the role. You may need to consider gaining additional qualifications through further study, but this needn’t take over.

For further information, please visit The Open University’s Careers and Employability Services website here!