How Small Acts of Gratitude Brings Big Change In The Office

How small acts of gratitude brings big change in the office


How many times have you had a bad day at work? Probably too many too count, right? Now think about those times you were surprised during your commute home by how humanity can be so warm even on the coldest day in the city. Have you experienced those special moments in which a small yet significant event flipped your frown upside down?

I remember hopping off of the bus on my way home last year, head-down, running through the events of my horrible day when all it took to make me smile was a little girl handing me a flower before being hurried along by her mother.

It’s funny how these simple gestures of happiness; these tiny acts of kindness or just plain spontaneous and contagious positivity can affect us so powerfully. It’s as if our mood is changed immediately and our worries are forgotten if just for a moment. It inspires us to do the same. Paying it forward feels more like the benefit is equal for both the giver and the receiver.

This amazing feeling we get is something we all share, understand and yearn for. It’s a part of our human psychology, our innate makeup as social creatures.

Our work environments, while stressful, can benefit from such acts, especially those expressing gratitude. For example, getting a simple ‘good job’ note on your desk can make your day! It feels good to know that you are appreciated. Companies are starting to realize that the secret to maintaining employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, is to play into our psychological needs for acknowledgement, praise and camaraderie. And, there is one woman whose company is dedicated to products promoting this type of office culture.

BUOYANT, a company founded by 32-year-old Yvonne Maull – who also acts as Art Director –  seeks to help people live a happier life and take actions to create a better reality. She has worked as an Art Director for renowned advertising companies in Europe and Asia before realising her dream to run her own stationary design business.

With BUOYANT she found a way to combine her passion for design with her great interest in neuroscience and positive psychology. BUOYANT is her playground where she does not only share her design works but also wants to help people to live happier and take actions to create a better reality. Her blog is dedicated to providing more information about mindfulness and positive psychology.

And, since the majority of our time is spent at work, she provides tools (kits) to train your brain to focus on the good and look for certain patterns that make you happy, including darling designed ‘Thank You’ cards of course.

To view fun, uplifting designs from the shop, go to

Megan Broussard

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