NYCPRGIRLS Guest Post: Make 2013 A Creative Year!

I recently read that our generation and our generation’s children are at great risk of stunting our “creative growth” as we have come to rely on technology and Google for our entertainment and information. I would like to think of PR people as a creative and clever bunch, but I do believe that it takes some exercise to keep the mind sharp. Our office is lucky enough to have brainstorms for our client work at least three or four times a week, but if you’re not in an office yet or don’t get to experience these kind of meetings as frequently, there are some exercises you can work on on your won:

Think of a crazy event and pretend there is zero budget – If you could do absolutely anything for your client/potential client, what would it be? Release doves in Times Square? Start a flash mob? Create crop circles? Get a little crazy. Even if it sounds insane, it may spark another idea from yourself or a brainstorm partner.

Act like you own the joint – If you were the client, or the CEO of your client’s company, what would you want your company to do? How do you see the company making a splash in the market? Where are you losing out to your competitors?

Find out what’s missing – Is the brand awesome at picking up print placement, but yet has to become a household name? Or has the client’s video on YouTube gone viral, but no one knows where it came from? Use the brand’s strengths to plan the next steps, but go a bit further this time.


By: Meg –nycprgirls 


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