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Applying for any job is intimidating, and going after your dream job in this market is incredibly stressful. One of my worst memories of job hunting after college was reviewing my resume for the 500th time, wondering what could be wrong with my honors degree and well-rounded experience that could prevent any interests from potential employers.  You quickly come to learn in this digital age of emails over cover letters, phone calls over interviews that the more unique points you can add to your resume, the more you will stand out! Here are a few to consider:

Senior Thesis or Major Focus – Adding a major topic focus or a line on your senior thesis is a great idea, especially if you didn’t major in public relations or your school didn’t offer the major.  This is also a great conversation starter in an interview

Unique Activities in the Arts or Event Planning – Clients look to us to have good taste and a “special eye.”  This includes restaurants, the ballet, music concerts, and organized events. Especially if you are going into entertainment or fashion PR, it is important to mention any background you may have in the arts. Any event planning experience you may have, whether it be through a sorority or your dance troupe’s annual food drive is also of interest to a potential employee

ANY kind of Social Media Experience – If you are confident in your personal Twitter account – as in you keep up with it regularly, share thoughtful information and never post inappropriate content – go ahead and add it to your resume header with your email.  Add any social media courses and programs to the activities or experience section of your resume.  Employers are always looking for fresh perspectives on social media


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