Celebrity Hair Secrets: Edward James Reveals All

How do celebrities always achieve the perfect hair look? Edward James tells you what they DON’T want you to know…

1)      Cheat your way from black to blonde in an instant

So you want to do a Kim Kardashian and go from black hair to platinum blonde hair in just one day? A wig is your answer! Edward James reveals how celebrities make the impossible seem possible through wearing high-quality lace wigs, which can cost anything from £5,000 to mimic a full hair colour transformation. According to Edward James, when a celebrity has a drastic hair colour change, you should question two things. 1. Have they had plastic surgery? And 2. Are they just wearing a wig?

2)      To fringe or not to fringe?

For the statement fringe, Edward says “don’t be fooled into thinking that your favourite celebrity will be growing it out for the next 2 years. They simply go for a clip-in fringe.  Albeit one that is colour matched and personalised to their hair texture, which comes with a hefty price tag.”

Extensions are also a celebrity must have, as it’s all about maximum body in showbiz. Tape extensions appear to be the most popular, as they are gentle on your hair as well as being easy and fast to apply. Clip-in extensions are also a staple part of a celebrity’s wardrobe, with them often investing in quality hair pieces of Russian or European hair, costing a minimum of £2,000.

3)      Protect to perfect

In Hollywood, a vanishing hairline would lead to a vanishing career, so celebrities will often spend huge amounts of time and money on treatments that will protect their hair. Edward James claims that Olaplex is a celebrity favourite as it protects the hair through anything and everything, even bleaching! Rumour has it that Gwen Stefani is a big fan, using it to keep her hair happy and healthy in order to maintain her iconic platinum blonde locks. As well as this, the Philip Kingsley hair elasticizer, a treatment which increases the elasticity of the hair, was originally designed for Audery Hepburn and still has a cult following amongst the biggest names in Hollywood today.

4)      Plan ahead

According to Edward, celebrity colour transformations are usually planned well in advance and occur over 1-2 days, or even sometimes several months when going from dark to light (think Khloe Kardashian). Edward reveals that celebrities will often wear light hair extensions to create the illusion of lighter locks in the meantime, and stylists will often re-create the look on a wig so celebrities can try beforehand, preventing the career suicide of a hair disaster.

5)      Invest in the right brush

Finding the right brush can be a life saver for your hair. Edward says, “Use a soft bristle or a de-tangling brush on wet hair every time to reduce the tension on the hair when it is in its most fragile state. Mason Pearson brushes are still a favourite, with a soft cushioned pad and soft bristles to gently detangle.  Better still is the Tangle Angel Brush, which uses various bristle heights to gently detangle hair.”

6)      Save your hair from damage with smoothing treatments

Celebrities will all be familiar with smoothing treatments such as the Brazilian Blow-dry, which reduces the effect of long-term exposure to heat and styling on the hair. When filming in humid conditions, celebrities will need their hair to behave on set, and even with a full team of professionals at hand, the Brazilian blow-dry treatment can be a girl’s best friend as the results are smooth, silky and straight hair. These treatments are expensive and time consuming but save an abundance of styling time and the amount of heat needed on the hair over the next 3-4 months. Although, many of these treatments have received backlash over recent years, due to the formaldehyde component they often contain, so now celebrities are opting for more natural treatments such as Brocato or Cezanne smoothing systems. These natural treatments may not be as long-lasting, but they are kinder to your hair and achieve similar results, with prices starting from £300.

7)      Hair transplants – not as rare as you think

The strict diets, gruelling workout routines, intense hair styling and constant jetting across the globe can take its toll on celebrities’ hair, particularly the finer hair around the hairline. Due to this, Edward reveals many celebrities will have secret hair transplants in order to re-build the damage. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive treatment that relocates individual hair follicles and can be carried out in just one day. So, if a hectic lifestyle is also having a negative effect on your hair, a hair transplant could be the way forward. Although, this will set you back anything from £1000 to £30,000 depending on how serious the hair-loss is.

About Edward James:

Edward James’s storied career spans 19 years in the industry. Whilst working with Nicky Clarke as the General Manager, his raw talent was recognised early on he moved to Gina Conway as style director. In 2011, after working with the iconic Aveda brand for 8 years, Edward James went on to open his first Edward James Aveda Salon & Spa in South West London. The second Edward James Salon & Spa was launched in 2014.  Most recently Edward James has collaborated with Stella McCartney and Chanel along with starting up an awareness campaign for mole checking with Stand Up To Cancer.

With his creative team Edward James’s Salon & Spa has gone on to be recognised in related Awards, named as finalist in 9 categories and taking home 4 Winner titles.

“Our philosophy always remains the same, to create beautiful manageable bespoke hair for each of our clients.” says Edward, “And our team is always striving to create new and innovating ways to enable our clients to be the best and most polished versions of themselves”.


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