Top 5 Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplant

With modern hair transplant and non surgical hair replacement, you can achieve the most natural-looking results without the complications and dragged-out recovery times typical of traditional procedures.

Precision and Consistency

One of the most prominent features of modern robotics is the automatic high-definition stereoscopic vision system. In short, this built-in program permits the robot to identify each hair graft and choose only ones suitable for extraction and implantation. 

The program’s design means the least amount of hair grafts are killed off and wasted (this is known as a graft ratio), reducing the stress done to the back of the scalp. 

Due to the advancements in graft ratios, you can opt for more extensive surgeries despite substantially having a more mature hairline recession (male pattern baldness or alopecia). 

Customisation and Appearance

Another benefit is the unparalleled consistency that robotic hair transplants have over other hair implantation methods. Since the complications of human error are removed for graft extraction incisions and implantations, the hairlines construction will be accurately traced based on the agreed look discussed at the consultation. No other hair restoration method has the same accuracy as modern FUE.

With robotics, a natural-looking hairline is guaranteed. Unlike manual FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants, the robot will not tire when extracting grafts or making tiny incisions at the targeted area, allowing for a cleanly executed procedure. Modern machines also harvest hairs in their natural groups, leaving no traces of surgery on the donor area.

Intelligence and Efficiency

Contemporary AI works with your physician, meaning your physician can set the machine to implant the harvested hair grafts while they simultaneously make incisions in real-time.

Proprietary AI algorithms focus on maintaining existing terminal hair while creating its coveted natural-looking result.

Scarring and Recovery

Since the follicles are harvested randomly, the look and density of the donor area are minimally affected, allowing for virtually undetectable results. With legacy procedures like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplants, a permanent strip-like scar will remain at the back of your scalp.

Recovery is also much smoother with robotic FUE hair transplants than with other procedures, as there is no pain during or after the procedure, and the downtime is minimal. The recovery for modern FUE is only 48 hours, entirely due to the local anaesthetic used for the operation. Its unmatched recovery time means you will be back at work in just two days.

The procedure only takes eight hours and allows for same-day discharges.

Feedback and Results

With modern robotics being the most precise and accurate hairline surgery on the market, you can expect excellent results for men and women alike. 

Using Robotic technology, the success rate for FUE hair transplants can go up to 100%. 

Countless people have posted real AI hair transplant success stories online just a few years since its release. 


Robotic hair replacement surgery is the leading procedure in the hairline transplant market, offering the best results without any of the drawbacks legacy procedures like FUT and Manual FUE are known to have, all while remaining competitive with pricing.

Krysta Jakson

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