Top Tips on How to Get a Firmer Bum Just in time for Christmas Parties

2018 was most definitely the year of the butt, the big, firmer and stronger the better.  Luckily Assome is helping women everywhere to achieve the bum of their dreams with its miracle mix of body shaping technology! Aligning the powers of LED, ultrasonic waves and radio frequency Assome gives bums the look that photo shop and Instagram filters can only aspire to.

Assome! specially designed a solution for effective cellulite removal with clear results. After some extensive research, the team discovered professional beauty experts had access to the best technologies in removing cellulite but were not pushing it out to the mass market. Harnessing this, alongside plenty of talks with real women, our friends over at Assome! came up with this perfect formula for a cellulite-free derrière…!

The formula is simple: Burn – Firm – Airbrush. These 3 steps will help getting rid of the appearance of cellulite. Letting women get back to feeling confident in anything – or nothing! Assome! has combined three of their cutting-edge professional technologies to help women around the world.

But as Jane Fonda purported, there is no gain without pain, and for best results to hone that perfect peach some booty busting exercise is essential.

Ready to twerk it…?

Before the festivities truly commence, here are Assome’s top 3 tips to push that tush.



Elevated lunges give a greater range of motion as only one leg is used.  This means there is much better opportunity to overload the butt and thigh muscles which will make them bigger.

How to: 

Begin by standing a few feet in front of a step and reach left foot back so toes are on the bench and heels lifted.

Bend the right knee, lowering your body toward the floor until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. If your right knee extends in front of your ankle when you lower, move your right foot farther forward.

Squeeze the glute as you press yourself back to start, keeping the weight in your right leg. Continue moving down and up for desired number of reps and switch sides.



Although barbell squats primarily work quadriceps they also train the glutes as well as the hamstring and calves. For this reason, barbell squats are great for increasing quad strength as well as building muscles in the ass.

How to: 

Begin with the barbell supported on top of the traps. The chest should be up and the head facing forward.

Descend by flexing the knees, refraining from moving the hips back as much as possible.

Continue all the way down, keeping the weight on the front of the heel.



Due to the foot positioning used in sumo squats more muscle emphasis is put on the inner thigh adductors and glutes.

How to: 

Begin with feet in a wide stance, toes pointed out as far as is comfortable. Keeping the back and spine in a neutral position, and torso upright, tighten the core.

Bend the knees outwards so they remain over the ankles and sit down with the butt into a squat position. Squeezing the glutes, rise up about 2-3 inches, and then lower.

Continue this pulsing for the desired amount of time to complete a set, then raise out of the squat to finish.

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