Hot Tips for Healthy Hair all Summer Long

After the recent heatwave and with more sunny days on the way it’s safe to say the start of summer is nearly here. Yay! While the sunshine can lift our spirits and put a spring in our step, unfortunately the same can’t be said for our hair. Spending an increased amount of time outside in the sun in the summer months can potentially be detrimental to your hair if you don’t take the right precautions.

One of the most important things to remember is that your hair is an extension of your skin and should be protected in the same way. It can be very sensitive to UV rays, which are of course increased in the warmer months; it can also become much dryer. So it is crucial to keep on top of your cutting appointments to get rid of those dry and split ends to keep your hair feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

We worked with the experts at national hair salon chain REGIS who put together some top tips on how to keep your hair healthy this summer, making sure the only thing you will need to worry about is evening out those tan lines.

Products that pack a punch

There are lots of products out there, for all hair types that can help you throughout the summer.

Moisturising products are particularly important, along with protein based products such as sprays and leave in conditioners. As well as acting as a protector against UV rays, products like this can also help to keep your hair hydrated.

Serums can also act as a great therapy system, again helping to protect and rejuvenate your hair and stop dehydration. So it’s important to invest in some of these products and apply as regularly as possible to keep your hair fresh.

Sun, sea and silky locks

Your summer holidays are something you look forward to all year and sun, sea and swimming are part and parcel of this, however there are a few things to remember and essentials to pack in your suitcase to help your hair.

Leave in conditioners will be your best friend while you are away, not only will they keep your hair healthy and hydrated but they can also help with fuss free styling.

One tip is to apply some leave in conditioner in the morning and put your hair in a plait and leave it for the day. This will give you an amazing beachy curl for the evening.

Pool protection

Cooling off with a dip in the pool or the sea is an essential for any holiday, however there can be sulphates in the water that may aggravate the texture of your hair. This can be great if you’re trying to achieve the beach wave look, but it’s not so great if you are prone to frizzy-ness. Thankfully there are products that can help to create a barrier over the hair and stop the sulphates disturbing the cortex. For example, those with Afro-Caribbean hair can use a curl cream to help reduce frizz.

The chlorine found in pools can also be a big problem, particularly if you have bleach or ash blonde hair. The chlorine can break down the product and cause your colour to fade and lose your tone, one obvious way to avoid this is to pin your hair back and try to avoid any contact with water. However this may not always be possible so make sure you pack a neutralising purple shampoo, this can help to keep your tone refreshed while your away if you are particularly worried.

To get your ‘do beach ready this summer, visit your nearest REGIS salon to avoid any frizzy faux pas. Click the link to book your next appointment.

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