Tau Gifts is Here to Help You Show Yourself Some Self‑Care

Self-care has been a buzzword for women in recent years, but as it becomes a more commonly used phrase many people are asking, what does it really mean?

Many of us are constantly exhausted, and Jayne Hardy author of The Self-Care Project says ‘self care is a nod to that and gives us the permission, that we so often don’t give to ourselves, that taking care of our needs is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s complete and utter common sense.’

Sometimes giving yourself the go-ahead to practise self-love is the hardest part, so along with Tau Gifts we’ve put together a selection of magical workers and products worth indulging in, helping you up your self-care game with ease.

Tau Gifts allows you to create your very own unique gift, one which we think is the perfect way to spoil yourself when you need some TLC. They promote natural and organic products which are cruelty free and vegan friendly, so you can rest in the knowledge that you’ve invested in ethically sourced high quality items. All orders are carefully gift packed, whether it is a single item or several, making that delivery feel extra special when it arrives.

We think a good morning routine is a positive way to start the day, and giving yourself some dedicated alone time first thing is proven to truly benefit your mindset. We insist on waking up to an amazing cup of coffee, like this Monmouth coffee, a well known British brand and a pioneer in the recent renaissance of cafe culture. Skilfully roasted in nearby Bermondsey, this cracking cup of Joe is guaranteed to put a little pep into your day.

After you’ve had a shower, we recommend spraying this refreshing Rose Water Facial Mist and letting it soak in before you moisture and apply make up. It’s a simple step which cleanses, soothes and tones all skin types.

Don’t forget to make time for a weekly treatment like this Facial Clay Mask. Made with French pink clay, Moroccan rhassoul clay, dead sea mud, lavender and rose petals. It cleanses, gentle exfoliates removing dead skin and draws out toxins for that ultimate deep clean.

Something as subtle as a sweet smelling soap can brighten up your day. This Sevin Porcelain White Soap has a host of natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil jasmine flower and amber. Accompanied by a hint of nutmeg, this luxurious daily essential will give you an extra treat every time you wash your hands.

A way to incorporate self-care rituals at work can be something as simple as keeping your favourite hand cream at your desk. This Green Fig and Lavender hand cream is laced with essential oils and comes in this traditional decorative pot which is too beautiful to hide away. Showing yourself some extra care and attention at work is a good way to practise a few minutes of mindfulness throughout your day.

At home, we recommend investing in some of your favourite scents to fragrance your home, making it a little retreat to where you can escape after a long day at work. For an uplifting effect we love this Citrus and Basil candle which combines zesty lemon, lime and mandarin with herbal notes of basil. For warmer tones try this Applewood and Amber candle which comes in a vintage inspired jar. This is a hand blended applewood and amber fragrance using natural essential oils and botanical extracts.

We can’t resist a masculine inspired scent, so if you like them too we recommend the Oakwood and tobacco reed diffuser. It’s an inviting blend of smoky oakwood and musky tobacco, one which just begs to be enjoyed with a large glass of red wine in a bubble bath.

Speaking of baths, we reckon this Olverum Bath Oil is just the ticket for when you need to ease tense muscles after a stressful day. A unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils is highly concentrated and only a few drops are needed per bath. It’s also worth noting that all the oil is absorbed by the skin leaving no greasy residue in the bath afterwards, so you can head straight to bed instead of scrubbing the tub.

End your pamper routine with this Apricot Lemon and Vanilla Body Melt and give yourself the spa style treatment making sure that every inch of your body is shown some love. The rich and hydrating all-over body balm combining cold-pressed raw apricot and almond oils with premium grade shea butter, and will leave you feeling soft from head to toe.

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.

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