10 Beauty Products to be Christmas Party Ready in Minutes

Clocking off and heading straight to the Christmas do? With all the extra pre-Christmas jobs piling up at work, the mad dashes to the shops for last-minute gifts and all the other seasonal events clogging up the diary, there are some occasions where there is simply no time to go home and change after work.

Don’t worry you can still look gorge in just a few minutes using these 10 products! From glitter sprays and dramatic eyeliner to glittery nail varnish and bold lipstick, you will be party-ready in mere minutes.

We teamed up with online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com and together delved into the world of Christmas party trends and compiled a list of the top ten beauty products every girl should be carrying in her handbag for a super quick and easy office to party transformation this year.

Joanne Dodds, from Hairtrade.com said: “Christmas is a busy period and leaves you with very little time to spend perfecting your hair and beauty regime.

“So, we teamed up with YCB to find the most glamorous party looks and picked the best products that are perfect for a quick on-the-go transformation.

“There’s a product to suit any occasion – whether you’re heading out for seasonal drinks with friends or going to the big office Christmas do.”

Here are the best products to use to take your look from office to party:

1. Bold lipstick

Don’t have time to switch up your make-up completely? Throw on a bold lippy and you’ll be good to go. Choose statement colours that suit your skin tone – for pale girls, try cool-toned lipsticks like bright red or hot pink. For darker skin, a bright orange or dark purple would look beautiful.

2. Liquid Eyeliner

Dramatise your look this party season with a statement-winged eyeliner. Sweep over the eyelid and upward towards the end of the eyebrow for a glam, evening look.

3. Glitter spray

Instantly glamorise your usual office hair and makeup with some glitter spray. To achieve a sparkling look, simply spray onto your hair and stand out amongst other partygoers.

4. Bold Eye shadow

Add a pop of colour to your eyes by applying a fun eye shadow. Pick an exciting and unique colour to blend with your usual office eye shadow for quick and easy party look.

5. Eyelashes

For an extra dose of glam, try adding fake eyelashes to make your eye makeup really pop. For an understated look, use natural ones that give just a slight extension and volume, or for a more glam look, go bold and wear ones with a touch of glitter for party sparkle.

6. Sparkly Nail Varnish

Dazzle your usual office nail look with a sparkling glitter topcoat, simply coat onto your normal nail colour for an instant evening-appropriate transformation.

7. Highlighter

Give your office foundation a dazzling glow by adding a sweep of highlighter. Apply gently onto the cheekbones, nose and Cupid’s bow to look instantly radiant and Christmas party-ready.

8. Hair Clip-ins

Looking for a fun and unique way to get an instant office to party look? Add red and green hair clip-ins into your hair for creative Christmas-themed hair. Simply attach them to the crown of your head and brush them in. Try cutting them too so they match the length and style of your usual hair.

9. Acrylic Nails

If your nails need a quick office to party pick me up, try adding acrylic nails. Most beauty retailers sell acrylics and you can even buy Christmas themed ones to get that seasonal look. Simply add onto your nails after a day in the office before heading to your party.

10. Spritz of perfume

Of course, no office to party transformation would feel right without a spritz of perfume. Use a long-lasting scent that will leave you smelling beautiful all night long.

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break magazine. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 8 years. She is a mother, an avid reader, runner and puts a little too much time into her morning brew.

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