glo Skin Beauty Continue Adding to Innovative Anti-pollutant Skincare Line

Airborne pollution concerns are widespread in large, industrialised regions and cities all over the world, and in turn, product manufacturers are recognising this and developing formulas directly targeting this consumer demand.

The beauty and skincare specialists at glo Beauty first started noticing the trend for anti-pollutant products in skincare and colour cosmetics more than a decade ago, however it was around 2011-2013 that it really began gaining momentum. As a result, glo Skin Beauty have just launched an all new daytime environmental and anti-pollutant Vitamin C serum called Daily Power C.

This innovative formula of Daily power C is not only packed with over 15% Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum and Oxidized Glutathione, it also features a new plant stem cell ingredient called City stem.

This hero anti-pollutant was designed to counteract against pollution attacks on the skin by repairing and strengthening the skins natural barrier, just a few drops every morning helps give your skin the daily anti-pollution protection it needs.

A spokesperson for glo Skin Beauty explains, “The anti-pollutant trend is so popular because it’s relevant on a global scale. If we take a step back, this is an evolution or extension to the category of antioxidants, often I refer to anti-pollutants as the “next generation” antioxidant story.”

Antioxidants help protect skin from oxidative stress and damage, something everyone can benefit from. Product manufacturers have been very successful in relaying their importance and benefits, leading to consumers readily seeking them out. Because of this, you can find antioxidants in a wide range of product formulas, everything from cleansers to sun protection.

glo Skin Beauty first launched a formula specifically designed to protect and fight against environmental pollution in Spring 2016, called Phyto-Active Light Moisture. This incredibly lightweight, silky hydrator quickly became a top seller because it does so much more than just moisturise the skin. With the help of Nopal Cactus Stem Cell, it also protects against UV and environmental damage by helping neutralize free radicals and strengthen skin’s natural barrier function.

A spokesperson for glo told YCB, “While there are numerous options available now, two of our favorite anti-pollutant ingredients are, Nopal Cactus Stem Cell and Citystem, both are plant stem cell technology ingredients. Anti-pollutant ingredients need to serve as shields, helping block pollutants from attaching to and entering our skin, safeguarding our cell’s functionality and communication. In addition, they should help strengthen our natural barrier and have an antioxidant effect to help neutralize free radicals.”

The reality is that exposure to airborne pollutants is unavoidable. Regarding the effects on skin, they contribute to visible concerns such as: dehydration, congestion and breakouts, sensitization, uneven or rough texture, a dull look and premature aging. The skin’s number one job is protection, anti-pollutants aid in the skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

Meighan Sembrano

London based journalist Meighan Sembrano is an expert in beauty and skin related concerns and topics. She has contributed a vast range of research papers and features in the Health and Fitness field.

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