Is Your Hair in Urgent Need of Rescue? Philip Kingsley is Here to Save Our Strands!

When it comes to haircare, we are constantly given contradictory information that merely serves to further complicate our beauty routine. The majority of us abide by the rules for the wrong hair type, forcing us to begin our day wrestling with copious amounts of hairgrips in an attempt to look presentable at best.

Luckily, Philip Kingsley is here to save our strands! His game-changing, volumizing regime for fine or thinning hair, TRICHOTHERAPY, will make every day a good hair day in the neighbourhood and, if you aren’t already a devotee, welcome to a world of healthy, happy hair!

Philip Kingsley is known wide and far as the world’s leading experts on all things hair and scalp care. Philip Kingsley himself is better known as the ‘Hair Guru’ to The New York Times, the ‘Hair Wizard’ to Vogue and the ‘Hair Doctor’ to the Sunday Times. His award-winning clinics are the ultimate destination for all things hair and scalp and are frequented by celebrities and royalty from around the globe. His team provides dedicated treatment and advice for all types of hair loss and scalp issues, as well as treating those who simply want to get the best from their hair.

The YCB team attended the Philip Kingsley #SaveOurStrands event earlier this Summer in their Mayfair clinic to browse the latest collection of haircare products and discuss all things hair dilemmas and solutions with the knowledged team. One-on-one sessions and hair treatments were offered upon arrival and we got a lush blow dry too!

For those who want the very best from their hair but are unable to visit the London clinic, the revolutionary, holistic three-step regime is a must-buy! TRICHOTHERAPY consists of three innovative products working collectively to provide long-term benefits, tackling hair loss from the inside out. The shining products have taken many years of research to develop, test and perfect and will help your hair feel thicker and fuller.

TRICHO PRO Volumising Protein Spray moisturises and improves shine, fullness, cuticle integrity and strength. The spray can also be used on dry hair to detangle and restyle for the times when you can’t decide what looks best.

TRICHO 7 Volumising Hair and Scalp Treatment protects against environmental degradation and immediately gives the appearance of more volume and TRICHO COMPLEX Hair Nutrition Formula was inspired by a combination of vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the clinics, contributing to the maintenance of healthy hair.

Voicing your concerns at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic is undoubtedly a cathartic process and his products are truly really magical!

Philip Kingsley’s products are available online and in salons nationwide – get yours today!

Emilia Bruce-Watt

Emilia is a recent English and American Literature graduate and a blogger for her own travel and lifestyle site, My Big Big World. If she isn’t planning her next foreign adventure, you can find her in the nearest coffee-shop, watching the latest blockbusters or signing up to yet another half marathon.

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