How to Properly Look After Your Hair Extensions

How to properly look after your hair extensions 

How to properly look after your hair extensions

Hair extensions are great for adding length, volume and shine to your own hair but they are a labour of love if you want them staying fresh and glossy.

We have teamed up with online hair and beauty retailer, and together we’ve looked into the world of hair extensions and put together our best advice on how they should be properly cared for.

The site sells a variety of hair extensions – from clip-ins and wefts to short and extra long – and they should all be properly looked after with a range of products and equipment.

how to look after your hair extensions

Making sure you have the right brush, using moisturising products and protecting from heat damage are all expert tips on how to correctly look after your hair extensions.

Many hair extension ranges are made using real human hair that has been treated and coloured, which means they need to be cared for in just the same way you would the hair on your head.

Joanne Dodds, from, said: “Hair extensions can look and feel amazing when you first purchase them but they need a lot of caring for in order to keep them that way.

“It’s hard knowing how to look after them in the correct way, which is why we put together a list on tips to follow to get the most out of your hair extensions. This will keep you looking sassy for seasons to come.”

Here are our top tips on how to properly look after your hair extensions:

Be gentle

how to apply clip in hair extensions

If you opt for clip-in hair extensions, you need to be extra careful when applying as the clips needed to be attached to your real hair. Make sure you don’t harm your hair when you wear them by gently clipping them in and out when applying and removing. This will give your extensions the best chance at staying in tact and not breaking off at the bond or clip.

Stay smooth

Just like you’d brush your natural hair to keep it smooth and tangle free, you need to do the same with your extensions. They can get tangled, knotted and matted, just like hair would if it’s not kept smooth. Make sure you use a Loop Brush that is purposely made to brush hair extensions with – this will glide through hair even with extensions in and won’t get caught where it’s attached to your head.

Style with care

how to look after your hair extensions

Everyone loves to style their hair extensions and they look amazing when curled and straightened to perfection. However, heated tools can majorly damage your hair extensions. Keep the heat to a minimum either with low-heat tools or use them sparingly. Skipping days can also help, especially if you keep your extensions smooth between heat styling.

low heat curling wand


Let them breathe

If you wear clip-in hair extensions, it’s important not to wear them all the time. You should take them out to sleep and shower, and keep them stored safely when they’re not being worn. If you sleep with them in, there’s a high chance they will tangle in the night and even tear out – it’s the same with both showering and even swimming. Be sure to give them a break as often as you can.

Keep them clean

Just like you need to keep your hair extensions tangle free, it’s important to keep them clean. Don’t wash them as often as your own hair though, as water can dry them out. They also don’t need to be washed too often, as the natural oils from your head won’t get to them as easily. When you wash them, make sure to use a gentle shampoo that is sulphate free. This is kind to the extensions and will keep the bonds in tact. After shampooing, condition with a deep hydrating mask that will keep them looking smooth and glossy.

Night time ponytail

night time low ponytail

If you’ve opted for a weft or single bonded hair extensions, tie them in a loose low ponytail at night to avoid tangling while you sleep. It’s also worth applying a light hair oil to the ends before you go to bed to add in extra moisture and stop the ends from drying out.

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